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The Task

Miken’s client, an economic services organization, have been leveraging Slack for more than a year along with G Suite before thinking about Office 365.

“When Microsoft revealed Teams, our client’s curiosity about Office 365 peaked. Why can you keep using Slack if you’re able to have all that real-time collaboration tied in to the pure integration and immersion of Office 365?” stated Chief Technology Architect Jason Robison, Miken Technologies.

microsoft teams

Throughout their client’s consideration and look at Office 365, Miken found this to become a appropriate time for you to leverage Microsoft’s Customer Immersion Experience. Through this hands-on participation Miken’s client could walk into the footwear of the Office 365 owner and have the seamless collaboration, particularly with Microsoft Teams.

“The Customer Immersion Experience really pressed the corporation in direction of Office 365,” stated Robison.

Natively moving a G Suite to Office 365 requires an application password to become produced for everybody account along with a 2-step verification to become switched on, creating a native migration very time-consuming.

To make Office 365 a possible option, Miken will have to not just migrate 220GB of the client’s G Suite content, but additionally their Slack atmosphere to Microsoft Teams while keeping all prior conversation records.

This rapidly eliminated natively moving from Slack into Teams, that is where Miken’s knowledge of finding and evaluating another-party solution was key.

The AvePoint Solution

During Miken’s research and look at multiple third-party solutions, they discovered AvePoint’s Elements FLY abilities.

Using AvePoint Elements FLY, time dedicated to the whole project was reduced by roughly 40 hrs.

Robison explains, “We did consider a couple of other providers. However, they didn’t cover both full G Suite and Slack to Teams migrations. Only AvePoint could complete both.”

Probably the most critical bit of the puzzle was making certain their Slack conversation history remained intact.

“Our client really needed so that you can see their Teams conversations just like these were in Slack. AvePoint really walked to the plate and could reach that goal. It was the general deciding factor,” stated Robison.

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While making the ultimate decision, Miken didn’t hesitate in putting their belief in to the AvePoint services and products team.

Robison explains “When counting on another-party company, it’s difficult to gauge how that partner’s solution will work. Speculate of AvePoint’s status and just how close they’re with Microsoft, it had been simple to have confidence in them.”

The Conclusion

We have spent carefully with AvePoint’s Services team to organize and perform migration, Miken is extremely pleased with the procedure and consequence of their client’s transfer to Teams.

“AvePoint is really a partner that does the things they say. They’ll ride that ship from starting to finish and make certain that the mutual customer is satisfied. Between your sales process and execution, the work ran well and ended having a happy customer,” stated Robinson.

“Moving to Microsoft Teams from Slack provided just one pane of glass for compliancy within Office 365. We aren’t needed to create alterations in two separate products.”

Miken Technologies

Miken Technologies

For more than 3 decades, Miken Technologies continues to be supplying solutions for this and business communications in addition to project management software services. They work with major software/hardware vendors and integrated solutions providers while working carefully with clients to both develop and deliver solutions.

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