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The Task

Throughout the process of adoption of Microsoft Teams, Cambridge Consultants were searching for any governance tool to sync membership with Active Directory Security Groups and enforce consistent access across all their systems.

“For a long time we’ve were built with a custom solution that enables our project managers to update Active Directory security groups with approved project team people,” described Julie Peck, enterprise applications architect at Cambridge Consultants. “The security groups will be utilized by our applications that store project data. It had been vital to all of us that Teams adopted exactly the same model.”

To make sure strong finish-user adoption, Cambridge Consultants desired to enable users to self-create Teams whilst controlling the chance of sprawl and unauthorized use of content.

Cambridge Consultants also searched for tools to watch their employee’s use of the applying, ensure Teams are compliant, which worker access was valid.

Managing the full information lifecycle and figuring out when data is not being used and really should be discarded seemed to be a vital qualifying criterion.

At Cambridge Consultants, all current Microsoft Team’s team creation demands undergo their IT Department.

The department then separates the Microsoft Teams demands into two differing types: Project and Public.

For Public Teams, there’s just one configuration. For Project Teams, they’re further separated based on if they’re client-facing or internal.

For the different sorts of Teams, the IT Department will be sending a corresponding form for that user to complete for his or her Team to become provisioned and configured based on the company’s governance policy.

“When completing the shape to request a group the consumer can name a principal or secondary contact for that Team as well as produce a name using the enforced naming conventions for Project Teams,” described Joel Sutherland, IT applications analyst at Cambridge Consultants.

Because the organization continues using its Teams deployment, they intend to allow users to complete their very own Teams creation questionnaire via SharePoint.

Cambridge Consultants also offers services established to edit Office 365 Group names, change Group details, and take away users from the Group.

“AvePoint’s Cloud Governance enables you to definitely specify your workplace 365 Groups for Team membership, that has been quite helpful for all of us,” stated Sutherland.

microsoft teams

Led self-provisioning is enabled for SharePoint sites at Cambridge Consultants.

Users develop a questionnaire in the Workspace Catalogue around the company’s SharePoint site. Following the questionnaire is completed, it’s delivered to the user’s manager for approval.

Once approved, the request is instantly sent in to the workflow to produce the audience using the proper configuration. The consumer then will get an e-mail to inform them their space has become available.

Cambridge Consultants is extremely happy with the adoption and success of Microsoft Teams. Of the 900 employees, you will find 851 active users of Teams. In 4 weeks, there have been over 12,000 Teams funnel messages and 121,316 chat messages.

These were also pleased considering the variety of control they’d over Teams creation. “Using AvePoint Cloud Governance, we could avoid any initial sprawl and monitor the suitability of Teams,” mentioned Sutherland.

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants is really a global product and technology consultancy firm headquartered within the United kingdom supplying outsourced development and research services.

Cambridge has 900 employees in seven offices all over the world. The organization has existed for more than six decades and tackles typically greater than 400 projects every year. Their engineers, designers, scientists, and consultants focus on projects which contain sensitive information, and accessibility project information is on the strict need-to-know basis.

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