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While AvePoint has pre-built several checks into Compliance Protector, we acknowledge that each atmosphere, goal, and want will vary. For this reason we’ve developed our means to fix allow any user to produce their very own custom check.  

To get this done, starting off within the user interface after which transfer to the ‘Check Manager’. Within this pane, you will notice a summary of your overall checks. To begin your development of a brand new check, click on the ‘Create’ button. This will give you to the initial step. 

Here there is a choice for the kind of information that you would like your check to locate, for example Text/Keywords, Standard Forms, and Website Settings. You’ll also find a summary of useable templates. 

For instance, when the produced check is to locate a specific word or name in almost any document across an entire atmosphere, you would like to pick the ‘Text or Keywords’ option using the ‘FindText’ template.  

You will subsequently be come to a presentation having a text box to go in your particular word(s), then select if you’d like that word to come back like a passed or unsuccessful test. The next phase along the way is indicating how you need Compliance Protector to inform you once the file has transpired so when the file has unsuccessful.  

The ultimate features which are incorporated in Compliance Protector would be the scales where the user decides their speed, confidence, and severity levels for that text joined.  

Finally name your check and give a description as preferred, click ‘OK’ and you’re prepared to run your customized check.