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Cloud consolidation provides a lengthy listing of advantages, once we have explored earlier within this eBook. But because with anything in existence, you will find disadvantages too.

It might be unfair and something-sided to solely highlight the benefits of cloud consolidation, so within this publish we’ll address the 3 most critical weakness of consolidating cloud services into Microsoft 365.

Increased Impact of Outages

Although it doesn’t happen frequently nor to have an extended period of time, any outages to Microsoft 365 leads to irate customers airing their grievances on social networking channels, and analysts positing that organizations will drop the service. The anger always cools fairly rapidly, however.

In the last many years, various outages have impacted Azure AD (for service-wide authentication), Exchange Online (for email), and Microsoft Teams (for collaboration and calling), but Microsoft has generally resolved the outages within 2-8 hrs and published the findings of their own detailed investigations and minimization plan.

The regularity and time period of outages tend to be under what organizations have in the past familiar with on-premises approaches.

Whether it happened, an entire, extended, global shutdown of might have significant harmful effects for organizations all-in on Microsoft 365 solely, but the probability of this really is minuscule.

Organizations trying to mitigate the chance of outages in Microsoft 365 can leverage AvePoint Cloud Backup to regularly support key workloads to some storage location from the customer’s choice, and also have data restoration choices to local drives along with other out-of-place locations.

Using AvePoint Cloud Backup enables critical try to continue even just in the situation of the service outage, and when the whole service ended up being to ever fail completely and irrevocably, Cloud Backup customers might have their data readily available for moving to a different on-premises or alternative cloud-based service.

Reduced Negotiating Power

Less vendors while dining implies that organizations have lower negotiating control of prices from key vendors. In the extreme, it might be a “take-it-or-leave-it” proposition, which never creates a enjoyable meal.

Microsoft might take this method, but so could every other vendor, so we have previously seen types of other cloud vendors raising prices and keep the service offering unchanged.

Microsoft’s more prevalent approach, according to their actions in the last many years, is to add additional features only within the greater-priced Microsoft 365 plans, and organizations while using lower-priced plans can upgrade should they would like to.

However in the ultimate analysis, prices for Microsoft 365 ought to be irrelevant. Your organization’s benefits realization strategy should be sufficiently robust to provide tremendous value that far outweighs whatever price is incurred in procuring Microsoft 365. If it is not happening, you will find far bigger issues playing.

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