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The Task

GKM2 has recognized that many of their customers are experiencing huge IT workload. GKM2’s principal consultant, Michael Milad-Stated, described, “Prospects and customers are typically searching for any partner to assist with productivity needs like help-desk and security.”

Nearly all GKM2’s help-desk workload is restoring a document or item. However, Microsoft’s native backup functionality is definitely an extensive process requiring the entire collection to become restored to an earlier time simply to restore just one item.

“Our clients only need an answer which will support the applications they will use. The opportunity to easily look for the document and restore them in position is essential for all of us,” stated Milad-Stated. “Sometimes we’ll even restore the document ourselves and send it straight to the customer since it’s so quick and adds an individual touch.”

Milad-Stated and GKM2 can with confidence state that their research in evaluating backup solutions continues to be done.

“We attempted virtually every Office 365 Backup solution available on the market. We’ve evaluated over five different solutions within the last 2 to 3 years,” stated Milad-Stated.

Other third-party backup solutions GKM2 formerly utilized had difficulties with scaling and restoring data.

“We had clients who have been copying one terabyte so we were hitting limits for snapshots. A snapshot wouldn’t even finish per day! Furthermore, the dashboard would show us the backups were effective, however when we attempted to revive that data, the organization would inform us our backups unsuccessful or never completed,” stated Milad-Stated.

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The AvePoint Solution

“We chose AvePoint’s Cloud Backup for that reporting and restore abilities along having the ability to backup additional applications like Microsoft Teams and Planner. Most companies appear to simply backup email and documents,” stated Milad-Stated.

AvePoint Cloud Backup’s alerts also aid GKM2 provide responsive plan to their customers.

“With the AvePoint platform, we obtain alerted contrary comes with an issue. And it is all very accurate. AvePoint’s reporting is extremely transparent and versatile when it comes to restoration and looking out, especially around Microsoft,” stated Milad-Stated.

Cloud Backup enables as much as four incremental backups each day. This provides GM2K the opportunity to execute a more specific restoration for the way frequently submissions are being updated and altered.

“Even though our customers only need a normal daily backup, we perform backups every six hrs. Another solutions we’ve used couldn’t even finish one backup each day,” stated Milad-Stated.

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The Conclusion

AvePoint supplies a Cloud Backup solution particularly for MSPs to allow them to manage multiple clients and tenants. GMK2 has had the ability to leverage the answer and also be its Office 365 business by packaging it as being another offering because of its clients.

“GMK2 sells Cloud Backup like a separate offering. It’s so simple it doesn’t cost any additional time to market and carry it out individually,” stated Milad-Stated.

Cloud Backup has additionally decreased GMK2’s risk when managing client data.

“It’s not only time savings that’s valuable, but additionally lowering the risk to protecting our clients’ data,” stated Milad-Stated. “An unknown unsuccessful backup using the previous tools might have broken our status as well as led to a suit.”

GMK2 can also be evaluating other MSP solutions in AvePoint’s product portfolio for example Cloud Management.

“We’re beginning to utilise Cloud Management. We simply lately restructured 700 gigabytes of content from tenant to tenant.”

The cherry on the top, Michael continued to describe, is when responsive AvePoint has shown to be. “You guys are very agile. I returned to aid having a bug I’d found, that was fixed globally within 24 hrs. It’s great support.”

office 365

GKM2 Solutions

GKM2 is really a boutique Sydney, Australia based next-generation Microsoft Technology Partner and specialist managed IT services provider (MSP). They concentrate on virtual and physical infrastructure Microsoft and Office 365 cloud solutions for example Microsoft Azure and backup and disaster recovery platforms which allow efficiency, security, and price-effectiveness in case of loss of data, disaster, or perhaps a ransomware outbreak.

Supplying managed services from implementation to full possession, GKM2 is supporting over 1,000 Office 365 seats and roughly 10 terabytes of content.

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