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The Task

UniQuest was an earlier cloud adopter. The IT Director, Eliot Larard, had not been fully confident with native Exchange backups and began to pivot to Office 365 in 2014.

“On-premises Exchange backup can be a time snapshot and between any two points there’s a window where emails comes in and become deleted and never visible to backup,” stated Larard. “So we would have liked to pivot from on-premises Exchange backups to Veritas Vault.Cloud like a continuous journaling solution and transition to Office 365. Once at work 365, we would have liked to leverage the benefits of OneDrive to collaborate since everyone was requiring to Virtual private network in and file discussing with exterior audiences was a mixture of email and third-party retail tools like Dropbox and Google. We would have liked to obtain in front of might put some thing structured in.“

That evolution resulted in OneDrive For Business Data will have to be supported too.

microsoft 365

“We saw the exposure of getting groups exercise of OneDrive rather than getting that data to the on-premises ecosystem. That grew to become a danger we wanted to mitigate therefore we could safeguard corporate data in OneDrive,” stated Larard. “So at that time, we looked and located DocAve.”

DocAve was a highly effective tool for his or her hybrid ecosystem, but because the ecosystem matured the time had come to upgrade.

“We used DocAve and our very own AWS S3 storage…but we weren’t copying our Exchange Server to AWS due to the price of retaining that data additionally to the Vault.Cloud costs,” stated Larard. “One from the greatest advantages of AvePoint Cloud Backup is the fact that data storage is incorporated, therefore we switched Exchange backups on too and it is provided us with another redundancy and recovery point for emails.”

The AvePoint Solution

UniQuest evaluated multiple Office 365 backup vendors before ultimately choosing to stick to AvePoint and proceed to the Cloud Backup solution.

“We checked out Veeam’s Office 365 backup because we run Veeam for on-premises backup and replication, but to tell the truth Veeam continues to be likely to run like a backup job in which you indicate the origin here is the destination and you’re still managing that process,” stated Larard. “The greatest win for AvePoint Cloud Backup is it is really just point it to what you would like to backup after which it’ll set off and get it done.”

microsoft 365

For UniQuest, getting something that may run seamlessly without anyone’s knowledge with little maintenance, is essential.

“Features like notification by exception and small things like this get rid of the must have System Engineers assess backup emails every day to recognize issues like we all do with this on-premises backups. We obtain emails when there’s a problem, and otherwise we simply look monthly within the portal to make certain it’s running fine,” he stated.

UniQuest is thinking about moving to Teams and Cloud Backup’s ability to assist the service was another decision point.

“Our plan’s to seed Teams internally in order that it can offer a fantastic option for that business before the next Zoom renewal period.” stated Larard. “Having the opportunity to support Teams and also have that working without anyone’s knowledge is excellent and will be any potential transition.”

Cloud Backup’s ISO 27001 certification along with other security controls were essential for the safety-minded IT Director too.

“Whenever we glance at any system, we have to trust its finish to finish governance and integration. Getting the ISO 27001 certification and validation in position is half the fight therefore we do not have to re-engineer governance controls,” he stated.

The Conclusion

UniQuest’s transition from DocAve to Cloud Backup was smooth and the organization is happy with the tool.

“The initial setup with DocAve was great and also the migration to Cloud Backup was seamless,” stated Larard. “We could visit the same AvePoint portal and initiate the transfer while using existing DocAve service account. We re-approved it within the new service’s Application Management and completed the scan to get all of our Office 365 services.”

“I’ve seen the soundness of DocAve and the need for moving to the present Cloud Backup offering. It’s changed into a method which i do not have to circle to improve and manage constantly. That provides me bandwidth to operate on other issues.” he added.

For his advice with other companies evaluating their backup strategy Larard states:

“Backing up hybrid environments will invariably result in integration challenges. Finding solution suppliers that have solved or simplified individuals core integration challenges becomes an important step, specifically for SMEs that do not possess the resource ability to solve individuals problems internally. We can speak to implement individuals via a vendor that will enable a sustainable relationship and ensures the integrity of individuals integrations lengthy-term.”

UniQuest Saves Time, Seamlessly Backs Up Hybrid Microsoft 365 Environment With Cloud Backup

UniQuest Pty Limited

UniQuest Pty Limited may be the primary commercialization company from the College of Queensland (UQ). They’re Australia’s leading technology transfer company and use UQ researchers to produce change, commercialize technology and deliver solutions for any better world. UniQuest has about 80 users and 3TB of information in Microsoft 365.

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