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K-Opticom launched their migration project to SharePoint 2016 in The month of january 2017.

“January to March 2017 was spent like a verification period for that DocAve Migrator tool. It required us a couple of several weeks to construct our SharePoint 2016 atmosphere, execute a test migration, and make InfoPath template concurrently,” stated Ms. Onishi.

Starting with the discharge from it System Group portal in September, K-Opticom released their internal portal over the organization in October, finishing their migration in Feb 2018.

“The greatest advantage of the AvePoint Migrator tool was the opportunity to migrate from SharePoint 2007 into 2016. Through the use of the AvePoint Migrator tool, it’s possible to also configure settings to some granular level, for example indicating sites and lists,” stated Ms. Onishi.

Additionally, K-Opticom thought it was very useful they could perform parallel migration for multiple sites, in addition to migrate upon the market meeting workspaces from SharePoint 2016 for their new atmosphere.

Advice from experienced AvePoint people led to the execution from the migration project without setback.

“It was the very first time we used a migration tool, but AvePoint had on-site support when designing our migration policy so we could directly inquire and express concerns, which we discovered to be very useful. ” stated Ms. Onishi.

Following a migration, K-Opticom also used DocAve for that ongoing management and backup of their SharePoint data.

“We accustomed to perform backup and recovery using SQL features in SharePoint 2007, however we experienced a number of issues. For instance, we’d to prevent the service to have an hour during the night for that backup operation. Also, the entire system got folded back through the recovery and area of the site and a few content couldn’t be retrieved,” stated Mr. Yagyu.

By applying DocAve Backup &amp Restore, K-Opticom found they didn’t’ need to stop their SharePoint server during backups any longer, and they could recovery data in the granular level, that was formerly impossible.

“DocAve is extremely user-friendly. Its not necessary to become an IT professional to function and derive value from this. Consequently, we’ve reduced some time and workload for operation management,” stated Mr. Yagyu.