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office 365

Critical Needs

  • Full fidelity of metadata during migration to Office 365
  • Efficient permission management solution
  • Simple automated Office 365 backup solution.



Cloud Backup

Cloud Management

Success Highlights

  • Effectively migrated multiple terabytes of information to Office 365 and keep all metadata intact
  • Streamlined permission management
  • Running four backups each day across all of their Office 365 atmosphere with minimal requirement for manual adjustments
  • Leveraging AvePoint’s Microsoft Teams chatbot to assist finish-users find and restore files at work 365

“We used other products to do backups. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup is among the easiest to cope with since i don’t need to do anything after i have setup the first configuration. I simply know it’s being supported and that i do not have to the touch it.”

-Daniel Cost, Network Administrator, Enterprise Community Investment

Enterprise had multiple terabytes of information on their own file servers and needed the entire metadata intact to be able to proceed to SharePoint On the internet and Office 365.

Throughout the planning and budgeting stage from the migration project, they identified another-party migration tool would be also required to accelerate their timeline and instantly schedule jobs during off-hrs.

As Daniel Cost, the Network Administrator for Enterprise Community Investment, began planning existence at work 365 also, he observed the requirement for another-party backup solution.

“Microsoft doesn’t genuinely have a backup solution. So, the requirement for backup wasn’t a question,” stated Cost.

Enterprise also offers greater than 1,000 employees who all have to be managed within Active Directory. The dpi of employees – together with complex permission management needs and huge amounts of data – could make permission management at work 365 particularly extended and tiresome.

AvePoint would be a one-stop look for Enterprise’s migration, backup, and management needs.

With regards to Enterprise’s migration project, the acquisition of DocAve Migrator preserved all metadata intact and keep business disruption low via a robust discovery process and scheduled migrations.

“With Migrator, our business operations weren’t negatively impacted whatsoever during our migration,” stated Cost. “It was the phrase an even proceed to Office 365.”

Cost views Office 365 backup as an absolute must have data protection measure to make sure business continuity and finish-user expectations.

Enterprise is copying four occasions each day, even though they initially made the decision to make use of their very own AWS storage, they later transitioned to presenting AvePoint’s Azure BLOB for simplicity.

What he appreciates about AvePoint’s Cloud Backup is its simplicity and automation.

“If we didn’t have backups, we’d be in many trouble,” stated Cost. “We used other products to do backups. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup is among the easiest to cope with since i don’t need to do anything after i have setup the first configuration. I simply know it’s being supported and that i do not have to the touch it. It can make my job simpler and saves me time.”

They’re also leveraging AvePoint’s newest Cloud Backup feature, AVA, a chatbot in Microsoft Teams that finish users can leverage to locate and restore files.“AVA is a very helpful tool continuing to move forward. Especially as our users list transitions from file servers and much more toward Office 365 Groups,” stated Chris O’Brien, an IT Manager with Enterprise.

Cost added, “I’ve discovered that AvePoint is continuously innovating. From the time we began to the current solution version, it’s come far and it is now just set and end up forgetting.”

Following a adoption of Exchange On the internet and SharePoint Online, Enterprise was hunting for a permission management solution and eventually selected AvePoint’s Cloud Management.

The Administrator module has introduced ease to Enterprise by means of cloning permissions, cleaning dead accounts, and batch management inside a single interface.

The IT team has additionally been positively running Administrative reports through this module to efficiently track which employees get access to what content.

The Enterprise Community Investment IT team has set themselves as much as efficiently backup and manage their Office 365.

It has opened up a lot of time to pay attention to moving the multiple terabytes left within their file servers to their new atmosphere while getting reassurance that things are working without anyone’s knowledge.

“The best benefit of owning AvePoint’s option would be that whenever we discover ourselves underneath the gun and really should get files restored, the truth that I can use and rapidly restore instead of digging through SharePoint to discover files is a big way to save time,” stated O’Brien.

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