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Uncover how AvePoint is empowering educators as well as their classrooms with effective online learning solutions.

Every education institution at this time is pivoting towards the new normal by having an urgent requirement for an faster digital transformation.

Using the massive quantity of classes moved online all across the globe, Microsoft estimates around 250 million individuals will be unemployed through the finish of the year and looking for being re-trained, re-tooled, and re-certified.

That is why In my opinion the chance facing educational facilities is equally as large because the massive challenges they face today.

However, to capture that chance, educational facilities will have to be agile and alter the way they operate. A number of these institutions happen to be leveraging legacy (and education-specific) software for his or her learning management and collaboration needs. Now, they’re beginning to provide Microsoft 365 another look because they consolidate platforms, spend less, and think about using software their students will really use again within the real life.

Singapore Management College (SMU) is among the educational facilities which has smartly positioned itself for that new normal.

A week ago, I’d the pleasure of presenting in the ShiftHappens APAC Conference with Professor Annie Koh, V . P . for Business Development and Professor of Finance at Singapore Management College, where we discussed the emerging challenges within the education industry and real-existence types of how technology might help us thrive inside a world affected by COVID.


The significance of 3Ps

Throughout the session, Professor Koh introduced the idea of 3Ps (people, partnerships, platforms) which are important to SMU in this pandemic period.


Without individuals with an agile mindset, no institutions (whether universities or workplaces) could rapidly adjust to what’s happening within this unparalleled time. “People” describes both faculty and students where faculty needed to immediately go to whichever technological support they might find and switched very interactive classes into online modules. Students should have a mindset for learning and adjust to online learning rapidly.


Like-minded partners are extremely critical within the education industry. For instance, SMU collaborated with lots of universities for exchange programs to consider proper care of a lot of students and ease processes like credit transfers.


Without technology platforms, schools couldn’t did many of what they’ve been doing within the last six several weeks to rapidly migrate online. Technology is a vital enhancer, however it cannot fully substitute a hands-on learning model. You will see a hybrid model later on.

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Home-based Learning Situation Study: RP Online Learning Solution

In my opinion within the presentation, I shared a good example of how AvePoint helps Republic Polytechnic build its online learning system during the last 3 years.

Before COVID hit, RP developed their platforms with resiliency in your mind in case of a SARS-like event.

The Training Atmosphere Online system includes a seamless transition between offline and online study. Students have access to online learning content for example videos, quizzes, and discussion forums, collaborate with classmates, and submit assignments using their laptops and cellular devices.

This solution was showcased in Straights Occasions (a Singapore National Newspaper) by Singapore GovTech like a solution that can help ease the school’s transition by-based learning, where we preserve the peer-to-peer education interaction students are starved for within the new “learn from home” world.


AvePoint’s Education Management System

I additionally discussed how our AvePoint Exam Management System enables a safe and secure, intuitive, an internet-based testing experience for college students and educators alike. Educators have versatility in their fingertips to create exams aligned to course goals and outcomes while making the proctoring and grading process simpler. And students obtain a consistent experience—even by themselves devices—which is really a critical element of making certain the fairness associated with a assessment.

This solution delivers 100% digital at-home exams or permit in-person proctored summative exams to make sure testing security and integrity. Within the “new normal” world we reside in now, the bottom line is to remain agile and provide educators and students the optionality of flexible and safe examination experience.

To determine the session entirely, watch on-demand around the official ShiftHappens website.

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