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With no sufficient backup solution in position making certain their compliance with key rules, COMLINE AG wouldn’t be as far along within their cloud journey.

“Without an offline backup solution, we will not have migrated data to Office 365.” Blach mentioned. “Thanks towards the fast, straightforward implementation process and also the comprehensive support supplied by AvePoint, we’re now optimally ready for moving all of our services towards the cloud. Goal to become using all services within the cloud by mid-2019.”

Since COMLINE AG continues to be while using backup solution, AvePoint Cloud Backup has proven its value to help with several installments of loss of data.

The organization had lost entire Exchange mailboxes of countless senior managers at the organization, conferences, along with other information. However, because of AvePoint Cloud Backup, all of the data was restored in a few minutes.

“The major advantage of AvePoint Cloud Backup was already proven several occasions over. The workers affected were very very happy to have had the ability to retrieve their lost data so rapidly and simply,” states Martin Blach. “Overall, we’re very pleased with the backup solution and therefore are very happy to work with your an expert and reliable team.”

The cloud approach offers COMLINE huge benefits when it comes to configuration and monitoring.

“We don’t need to bother about anything – the information is transferred by AvePoint, supported and kept in an encrypted storage location based on [us] the client,” states Blach. “When our customers ask who can access their data, we are able to tell them, having a obvious conscience, the information is kept in a protected, encrypted location that just COMLINE have access to.”