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Critical Needs

  • A strategy to support a multitude of Office 365 applications
  • Intuitive solution requiring minimal attention

Success Highlights

  • Additional functionality without more hours cost
  • An adaptable backup solution covers advanced Office 365 workloads
  • Leveraging AvePoint’s Azure BLOB storage

“Cloud Backup has introduced us a lot additional value for the similar cost. We’re pleased to achieve the capacity to span across much more applications.”

Matthew Bookspan, Chief executive officer, Blacktip

MSPs that supports Office 365 need so that you can handle the difficulties that include an extensive and interconnected platform. For instance, Blacktip’s clients presently or intend to leverage a mix of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, along with other Office 365 services.

Because of so many applications getting used, Blacktip is managing and protecting a combined 40 terabytes of information across their subscriber base. Blacktip also suits each customer’s specific needs a lot of have different data retention policies that must definitely be supported.

Blacktip It’s formerly utilized other third-party solutions for backup. Their newest experience was with SkyKick.

While they didn’t encounter any backup or restoration issues, Blacktip soon recognized that AvePoint’s Cloud Backup introduced more functionality.

“SkyKick was reliable for backups from the Exchange workload. In comparison. AvePoint includes backup for Teams, Groups, SharePoint Online, plus much more,” stated Matthew Bookspan, Chief executive officer, Blacktip IT. “Additionally, we are able to now delegate through which O365 license for every client. Overall, AvePoint gave us a lot more value.”

Blacktip have been leveraging AvePoint’s migration solution, Elements, for quite some time and cause them to contact AvePoint to understand more about their product portfolio.

“We initially used your Migration solution–FLY–and was curious as to the other solutions you’ve. The process of adoption also went very well without any hiccups,” stated Bookspan. “We then were built with a demo of Cloud Backup which was spectacular.”

Blacktip understands Microsoft and also the cloud industry, understanding that applications are freed and/or updated very frequently.

“We began selling backup in 2016. Microsoft Teams wasn’t a product then. With AvePoint, we is now able to confident whenever a client decides that they would like to unveil something totally new or change their strategy their data is going to be protected,” stated Bookspan.

Cloud Backup gives users the choice to leverage AvePoint’s Azure BLOB storage or bring their very own storage.

Bookspan explains, “It will work better to all of us to make use of AvePoint’s storage. It grew to become readily apparent that AvePoint’s storage was much less expensive and fast. We shouldn’t be responsible for that infrastructure.”

office 365

The final major feature that caught Blacktip’s attention was the opportunity to instantly increase to four incremental backups daily.

“Four occasions each day is ample. Restorations are usually observed later instead of sooner. It isn’t usually an hour or so or perhaps the 24 hour, it’s typically per month. But, it’s great to possess that comfortableness,” stated Bookspan.

When requested about his knowledge about AvePoint’s Tech Support Team team, Bookspan mentioned “I don’t think we’ve ever endured to interact support, because of the software consumer experience. Nonetheless. they at AvePoint people is excellent. We have no idea anybody who doesn’t like AvePoint.”

Blacktip has added another aspect of their solution portfolio which has provided their customers a lot more value at no additional cost. Blacktip has become using FLY, DocAve Migrator, and Cloud Backup.

However, their bond won’t hold on there. Blacktip has already been asking about other solutions for example Report Center and Cloud Governance to help strengthen their choices and support AvePoint.

“Cloud Backup has introduced us a lot additional value for the similar cost. We’re pleased to achieve the capacity to span across much more applications,” stated Bookspan.



By having an incredible degree of service delivery, Blacktip has generated a status of outstanding quality because of its clients. Where Blacktip excels reaches the company layer–helping business to become better, more effective, more competitive and eventually, more lucrative. The Managed Company (MSP) manages 2,000 Office 365 licenses for approximately 30 clients.

Blacktip started their partnership with AvePoint in 2018 once they adopted the FLY migration solution. After several weeks of success with FLY, Blacktip discovered the highest functionality and advantages of Cloud Backup when compared with their previous solution with SkyKick.

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