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Hey all! Since you may often hear, industry veteran and Microsoft MVP Loryan Strant lately announced a migration tool speed test are convinced that pitted AvePoint Cloud Fly against BitTitan MigrationWiz, ShareGate Desktop, and SkySync Go.

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The Aim

Figuring out who could migrate 327 ISO files (3.46GB of information each) from Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business sources to some OneDrive for Business destination.

The End Result

AvePoint Cloud Fly managed to be released on the top in virtually every category, including:

  • Quantity of Platforms Supported
  • Performance
  • Consumer Experience
  • Quantity of Features
  • Smallest Amount of Errors

The Main Reason

We didn’t simply commission the report just for fun, obviously. During the period of the 18-odd years that we’ve been operating within this space, we’ve found that migration speed is among the most significant factors inside a company’s effective transition towards the cloud.

Whether it’s internal time pressure or perhaps a have to achieve the cloud before a rival, we understood how important it had been to exhibit clients the rate, efficiency, and longevity of our solution fot it in our competitors.

Why it Matters for you

I know full well that cloud collaboration may be the new defacto standard for the way organizations across industries operate. And because the requirements of organizations evolve from simply requiring cloud storage or chat solutions, increasingly more continuously proceed to Office 365 to leverage its wide array of productivity and collaboration apps. Should you haven’t already made the move, you probably will within the next many years.

That stated, selecting a cloud migration strategy could possibly get pretty costly with respect to the size your business. Everyone has limited budgets to operate within when purchasing from vendors, and nobody wants to result in selecting slow or buggy software. Your time and effort is efficacious, so we respect that.

Therefore we hope this latest report encourages other vendors to step their game up. Vague claims of efficiency and speed don’t do anybody worthwhile, particularly when you’re picking a choice that may mean the main difference between beating a rival to promote and losing a substantial slice of your subscriber base.

Consider the recent results for yourself, evaluate what you’re searching for inside a cloud migration partner, and move ahead with confidence inside your digital transformation journey!

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