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More organizations than ever before are earning the change from Slack to Microsoft Teams recently. We’ve facilitated countless effective migrations different in dimensions and complexity by utilizing our in-house migration tools. That stated, once in a while, we stumbled upon a migration that’s a bit more specialized than the others. Continue reading to find out how we contacted our first Slack to Microsoft Teams migration like a service.

The Issue

A current project concerned a customer who desired to migrate conversations from private channels in Slack to Microsoft Teams. Straightforward enough, right? Well, while nearly all our clients prefer conveying conversations in Slack channels as HMTL files, this format didn’t quite fit the utilization needs from the client.

We typically recommend HTML since it both preserves the appear and feel from the original conversations as well as gives a precise snapshot from the conversation history that’s easier for auditing purposes. However, the customer didn’t like how this process needed each conversation to become visited as a person link and opened up individually. They requested when there was one other way.

The Answer

Altering the file type such as this typically wouldn’t happen to be a problem, however the Slack API all of a sudden altered how you can authenticate and retrieve private channels. This put a wrench within our original plan and compelled us to become agile and quickly locate a different solution.

Since we’ve been a proud partner of Microsoft for a long time, we arrived at to them for support and to find out if we’re able to think of a workaround.

By working hands-in-hands with Microsoft and our internal developers, we could carefully affect the code in our migration solution to produce a tailored method to display funnel conversations towards the client’s finish users. Particularly, we could use service accounts to exhibit who published a note so users may go back and find out accurate records of who stated what/once they stated it.

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The Outcomes

Slack altering its API became simply a small hiccup within the grand plan of products. We could get the custom solution in only under 2 days and seamlessly push it to the client inside the following two days. These were thrilled using the speed from the fix, but in addition to that these were happy so that you can access their content in a manner that labored on their behalf.

This became the very first time we’ve ever performed a Microsoft Teams migration-as-a-service of the type for any client, which client has become likely to be presenting AvePoint his or her go-to Office 365 migration partner. Because of the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve already began focusing on other custom migration solutions for bigger clients. If you’ve encounter trouble when attempting emigrate to Microsoft Teams make contact and find out the way we might help.

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