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Critical Needs

  • Centralized permission management system for 500+ employees
  • Granular &amp daily incremental backup functionality
  • Efficient archiving

Success Highlights

  • Reduced total restoration time cost by 60 %
  • Archival of content has reduced storage cost and content size
  • Easy and simple workflow for granular incremental backs for the whole SharePoint atmosphere
  • Centralized management platform mitigates human-error

“With using DocAve, our SharePoint backup, management and archival processes have improved drastically.”

-Daniela Hartner, Nemak Linz GmbH

Up to 2003, Nemak Linz leveraged Lotus Notes for those their data storage needs. Once SharePoint 2003 was launched and guaranteed a much better document management system, they made the decision to help make the migration.

Nemak Linz has made the decision to leverage the SharePoint platform like a Document Management System mostly containing electronic forms. Linz’s SharePoint atmosphere includes about 550 GB of data—a relatively great deal of data when compared to userbase of roughly 500 employees.

Following their SharePoint migration, Nemak adopted another-party backup solution that later grew to become unusable. This motivated the look at several third-party solutions because the company’s workflow grew to become determined by a backup solution. Nemak’s needs incorporated granular recovery, out-of-place-restore and a straightforward interface.

onedrive for business

Each week Nemak Linz has been doing a scheduled full backup lower towards the granular level whilst performing daily incremental backups.

Backup and recovery of the SharePoint atmosphere in the whole couldn’t happen to be done in this easy and simple fashion with no adoption of DocAve.

“DocAve has reduced time spent reporting e-mails and restoring low. Restoring a person item would require ten minutes before DocAve, now it takes only a couple of minutes for the most part.”

Nemak Linz also advantages of utilizing other modules from the DocAve solution for example its centralized management platform. DocAve Administrator’s central administration functionality coupled with a unified authorization concept provides a comprehensive return of investment.

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Particularly, Nemak Linz finds DocAve’s Archiver module to be among the biggest benefits supplied by the woking platform. Positively archiving outdated content keeps their atmosphere fresh and lowers the general content size. They’re also using Archiver to make sure they meet both legal and ISO rules.

“We selected AvePoint as a result of reliable and shut customer/supplier recommending the solutions,” stated Daniela. “With using DocAve, our SharePoint backup, management, and archival processes have improved dramatically. Now we advise the reply to others when requested.”

Nemak Linz are now able to be assured using the comfort their data management has an infinitely more secure and streamlined workflow.

The rise in speed and reduce in risk provides the IT team freedom to pay attention to their future with SharePoint.

AvePoint is going to be stored close and regarded for just about any future significant issues or changes using their Document Management System.

Daniela with confidence claims that AvePoint Support “is always friendly and solves everything inside a short time.”

Nemak Linz GmbH

Nemak is really a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for that global automotive industry, focusing on the event and manufacturing of aluminum components for powertrain and the body structure applications. The organization employs greater than 23,000 people at 38 facilities worldwide, generating revenues people $4.3 billion in 2016.

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