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citizen services

Critical Needs

  • Modern citizen services technology


Citizen Services

Success Highlights

  • Citizen request data accessible via a single pane of glass with no longer siloed
  • Streamlined fulfillment of citizen demands
  • Convenient location for citizen demands fully transparent to public

“I wish to show and demonstrate for the residents that people worry about every neighborhood.”

–Levar Stoney, Mayor, Richmond

The expectations citizens have put on their local governments have risen dramatically within the digital era as customer support technologies make rapid advancements. Facing plunging amounts of trust, agencies around the globe must be transparent and accountable whilst achieving enlarged mission scopes with reduced budgets.

Richmond was an earlier adopter of smart city technology, nevertheless its existing citizen response system was basically three different solutions by three separate vendors that maintained their systems separate from one another. At occasions, data was siloed, departing no choice to produce unified reports. It had been also not shared externally with citizens, and also the feedback loop using the requestor was limited. There is also no centralized funnel to report problems or make demands from the city. Citizens would call the Richmond answering services company, their councilperson’s office, a company directly, or they’d just send an e-mail to a person they understood.

Once posted, the applying to point location also didn’t communicate with ArcGIS, which makes it to ensure that addresses could frequently ‘t be based in the City’s system. This produced an inefficient process where field and processes staff needed to by hand pinpoint demands to locations.

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney wanted the Richmond government to become more transparent and attentive to citizens through technology.

AvePoint Citizen Service deploys Dynamics 365, advanced machine learning and IoT Microsoft technologies to achieve context on common RVA 311 service demands for example abandoned vehicles, missing manhole covers or unmanageable tree branches. Users can fasten a photo. All demands that don’t include private or private information can be seen within the public portal.

AvePoint Citizen Services then routes it towards the appropriate department or field worker without resorting to human intervention. When a request is filed, residents can track its status — unprocessed, assigned, happening, on hold, or completed — with the website.

The woking platform easily integrates into Richmond’s Cityworks implementation (without complicating the citizen interface) through MicrosoftBizTalk which transmits inbound demands towards the solution.

Data is not siloed, the mapping integration is a lot improved, and Richmond government workers are in possession of just one pane of glass for operations and reporting. Presently six city departments are supplying information and services with the tool, with intends to increase the government departments with time.

The town is happy about how exactly the brand new data associated with constituent needs can result in more effective government, better allocation of sources as well as an overall greater quality of existence inside the city.

Concerning the Town of Richmond

Richmond may be the capital of Virginia having a population of 225,000. There is a wealthy good reputation for progressive technology adoption and therefore are the place to find AvePoint’s operational headquarters.

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