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Critical Needs

  • Migrate 330 GB to Office 365
  • Updated accounting system
  • Improved global communications with spread workforce






  • Conducted an in-depth analysis and presentation regarding how to effectively digitize and preserve the Jane Goodall Institute archives of information, audio, video and photo taking content
  • Performed a 50 user, 330 GB pilot migration to Office 365

“The goal would be to put these new tools to their hands for staff efficiency, improvement, and in a major way-saving advantages.”

Linda Berdine, Person in Board of Company directors, The Jane Goodall Institute

In 2017, the Jane Goodall Institute made the proper decision to shift from the utilization of Google Docs and Gmail, to some unified system because of its global operations. Among the motorists with this decision ended up being to improve the way the organization conveyed to the globally spread workforce.

Following the AvePoint analysis, the Institute made the decision emigrate to Office 365. Following a competitive RFP process, AvePoint was selected like a migration partner because of its platform expertise.

For that Institute, AvePoint provided its knowledge of the Microsoft Cloud, including Office 365 and Azure, to guarantee the Institute was setup for achievement right from the start from the project and throughout its utilisation of the Microsoft Cloud stack. AvePoint helped the Institute migrate to Office 365 and Azure using the following steps:

  1. Uncover just how much of the items content (Exchange, ERP, Folder Shares, along with other databases) appear in the Institutes current systems.
  2. Measure the data, by type, to recognize what it’s and make sure the implications of moving that data are documented and which tools within Office 365 and Azure would best fit the company needs connected with every data types.
  3. Pilot a migration of fifty finish-users, their mailboxes, and connected content into Office 365 to validate assumptions produced in previous phases and make sure the Institute’s finish users gain the worth expected through the migration.

“AvePoint had workshops therefore the various JGI offices might be interviewed to provide their input on technology, what employees felt wasn’t working and just what was working,” stated Linda.

AvePoint’s conducted study helped the Institute outline a guide highlighting three initial areas:

  1. Moving the world’s largest primate database towards the Cloud: AvePoint believed it might have a year to dig through the Jane Goodall Institutes’ assortment of artifacts, digitize them, and reconfigure the Institute’s Primate Database to maneuver it towards the cloud. The database is believed at 30 TB in dimensions. Like a mission-critical tool, it’s imperative that just about six decades of information collection is preserved and kept in Azure.
  2. Upgrading JGI’s accounting system to Dynamics 365 and Nav 2017: In the non-profit world, transparency is essential. The Institute required to make financial information readily available.
  3.  Applying Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Skype for Business to enhance collaboration: Through the adoption of Outlook, Skype for Business and Teams, the Institute wishes to gain efficiencies in collaboration across its 40 office locations worldwide, including Africa, the main place for the Institute’s ongoing research.

AvePoint then brought a 50-user migration using the Institute having its Elements Fly tool emigrate email and documents. In 2 days, the 50 users were ramped in Office 365 and 333 GB of information was migrated in to the cloud.

“Moving to Office 365 would be a really key inflection point for the organization. This permitted us to possess a base platform for those JGI offices all over the world to then layer additional abilities with multiple products,” stated Linda.

Following a pilot Office 365 migration, the business is searching toward improved efficiencies and scalability. Additionally they expect to leveraging their AvePoint Philanthropy donated AvePoint Cloud Management tool soon.

“We have about 200 users developing board for Office 365, all who formerly used Gmail and Google docs. The aim would be to put these new tools to their hands for efficiency, and time-saving advantages,” stated Linda.


About JGI

Jane Goodall Institute (“the Institute”) develops Jane Goodall’s scientific work and humanitarian vision to empower people compare unique car features for those life. Edge in the game by supplying research, public education, and advocacy for that great apes mixing conservation with education and growth and development of a worldwide network of youthful individuals who, with these other tenants, began to care deeply for his or her human community, all creatures and also the atmosphere, and who’ll take responsible thing to do proper care of both. To higher support its current research, conservation, and education mission, the Institute is modernizing its It Infrastructure.

You can observe the entire situation study here.

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