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Since October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month, there’s never been a much better here we are at us to talk about that AvePoint has ongoing to demonstrate our dedication to privacy and security using the effective illustration showing conformance towards the Worldwide Organizations for Standardization’s (ISO) information security management system (ISMS) audit while using 27001:2013 framework!

ISO is definitely an independent, non-governmental worldwide organization having a membership of 161 national standard physiques. ISO is credited for publishing greater than 2100 worldwide standards, covering nearly every industry from technology to food safety to aviation to healthcare.

Our ISO certification for AvePoint Corporation covers the management, operation, and maintenance of those and knowledge assets, computer, and also the connected processes which allow corporate operations. Additionally, it covers the event and deployment of products and services presented to customers and employees of AvePoint Corporation.

AvePoint develops the building blocks and discipline essential to develop and support a few of the leading security and privacy products on the planet.  Included in our Security and privacy Program, we’ve implemented a governance structure by which we engage senior management on data security and privacy issues, align policies, procedures, and technical controls to show our process and dedication to our customers and users, and train all of our employees on all security and privacy expectations.

We feel that security should be everyone’s job. Should you address it being an afterthought or allow the folks inside it (or perhaps to your CISO) then you’ve already unsuccessful. Regardless of how great the safety team is your organization employees, history has proven us the adversaries are extremely much and a lot of. Basically we as security practitioners want to get our defenses right each time, online hackers only have to be right once. So, with this being stated, make security the task of any employees and you’ll come with an army to safeguard your computer data.

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What am i saying practically and operationally? Clearly not everybody inside your company will probably be a data protection or security expert, neither is that necessary. In fact all your employees should realize that nobody will worry about the privacy of the data greater than they do–and nobody should continue to work harder to safeguard it compared to what they should.

This is correct not just for their own individual information, but in addition for the information (customer information, corporate secrets, etc.) they use every single day in their job. Security is everyone’s job and really should be as fundamental part of your employment agreement as other things that you simply do.

The truth is, we improve what we should measure so we safeguard what we should treasure. ISO certification represents a ongoing dedication to constantly improve our information privacy and security programs to stay certified! A great chance for AvePoint to state what we should do, do what we should say, and prove it!

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