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The AvePoint Solution

Everything, in the acquisition to installation process, for AvePoint Cloud Backup was simple.

“This was our first procurement from AvePoint also it was a simple process. Of all of the solutions we’d in position, it had been undoubtedly the cleanest to deploy, least touch point on the atmosphere,” stated Davis. “The installation continues to be absolutely hassle-free. There’s been no disruption in to the atmosphere.”

GrowthPoint is applying Cloud Backup to instantly increase to 4 backups each day of the Office 365 atmosphere seamless, with no effect on their users.

“The API logs in to the Office 365 atmosphere and literally you decide on what you would like from OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, lower to some contact or perhaps an email,” stated Davis. “It was easily activated across our entire userbase.”

GrowthPoint continues to be particularly impressed using the restores they’ve performed so far.

“That’s the important thing I believe with this sort of software for us—that is really as good and quick to deploy because it is to complete the restore,” stated Davis. “With the restore, the proof is incorporated in the pudding.”

Growth Point can also be benefiting from Cloud Backup’s reporting features which permit them to view information on 4 newest backups with an easy-to-read report dashboard including job status, time finished, final amount of effective/ unsuccessful/tucked products, and recommendations for how you can remediate issues.

They may also track and manage all their backup and restore processes via a central management console additionally to gaining full visibility into the way the services are being access by their users.

“The APIs are clever and also the dashboards are simple to understand,” stated Davis