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This three-part series is really a special feature on two industry leaders doing good within the boardroom and outdoors around the pavement. AvePoint Chief executive officer Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang and Microsoft’s Shaun Teper is going to be two competitors in the Boston Marathon 2020, running on Team Red Mix. AvePoint will match donations with the finish of December. Donate to Team Red Mix and look for how else you can assist at world wide

Today, within the spirit of running 26.2 miles, we ask Shaun and TJ for 26(.2) solutions to fun questions that provide you understanding of their training plans and just what give them the courage at work as well as on the pavement. However! An intro into Jeff’s journey:

NY 2017

Shaun: “I’ve been running for quite some time only began running marathons 3 years ago after i needed a ‘crazy person goal’ to help keep me in balance once we drove to Microsoft’s big “Future of SharePoint” day on May 4, 2016 (yes, The Exorcist Day . . . ).”

Chicago 2018

TJ is going to be running Boston with Shaun Teper, Corporate V . P . at Microsoft for Office, SharePoint, and OneDrive. TJ and Shaun and also have known one another in the earliest times of SharePoint along with a couple of years back were surprised they’d individually chosen the cruel goals of running all 6 Abbot Marathon Majors to balance their personal and work lives and lead to great causes such as the Red Mix. They’ve run New You are able to, Chicago, and London together. TJ will finish first as Shaun continues to have Tokyo, japan to accomplish in 2021 to achieve his 6 Star Goal.

Without further ado, let’s arrive at the interview!

London 2019

1. What’re your preferred tunes to operate to?

JT: The Guardians from the Universe soundtrack is really a favorite!

TJ: Certainly “We Will Rock You” by Queen for me personally.

2. How about podcasts? 

JT: The Balance Simmons Podcast, Marathon Training Academy, Wait Wait Don’t Let Me Know, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale, Ted Radio, Freakonomics Radio, and Planet Money.

TJ: For me personally it needs to be RadioLab by NPR, The Way I Build This, Tim Ferriss Show, Freakanomics, TED Radio Hour, Hidden Brain, More Perfect, The Intelligence by Economist, ThroughLine by NPR, and Fareed Zakaria Gps navigation by CNN.

3. Have you got an oddest running experience?

TJ: I attempted to operate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but wound up quitting because there are almost zero sidewalks within the city…

JT: I ran in Geneva at nighttime before a SharePoint Saturday. I acquired lost and am still unsure the way i found long ago towards the hotel!

4. What’re the strangest things you’ve seen while running?

TJ: A household of otters playing inside a sand volleyball court near the National Stadium in Singapore at 5am was pretty strange…

JT: Dogs traveling in strollers. Who’s the dog owner??

Berlin 2019

5. What’s your chosen food &amp fuel before/following a run?

TJ: I’m a large fan of protein bars and GU Energy Gel.

JT: Oatmeal or custom protein pancakes before, and chocolate milk always hits the place after.

6. What’s been your preferred race so far?

TJ: Each of the Abbott Majors are extremely unique and fun in their own individual way Tokyo, japan may be the quietest marathon, London may be the loudest Marathon, New york city is my hometown marathon, Berlin may be the fastest marathon, and Chi-Town (Chicago) is simply awesome.

JT: The Brand New You are able to Marathon was great when i resided there for any couple of many my loved ones arrived on the scene to aid, however i also loved the London Marathon because it’s an incredible city and it has great crowds–they were cheering us on outdoors pubs!

7. When have you start running? What motivated you to definitely run to begin with?

TJ: I’ve been running for cardio since my senior high school years. However it was just in 2015 after i began doing lengthy runs (10km+ or one hour+ runs) and also got into marathon training. Stepping into the 40s really motivated me to remain healthy and (I had been 41 at that time).

JT: Used to do my first marathon in 2016 to align with this big “Future of SharePoint” event!


8. Would you prefer morning or evening runs?

TJ: I actually do both it truly depends upon what time zone I’m in. Since I Have travel a lot for work, I discovered running as the easiest method to adapt to the right time zone and eliminate jet lag.

JT: Morning by having an periodic evening run. Winters in San antonio are tough, though, due to how short the times are.

9. Have you got any guilty pleasures on the highway or off?

TJ: The advantage of running and getting rid of carbs is you reach eat anything you want out on another need to feel guilty about this. However, you shouldn’t consume alcohol after which run–that’s just requesting trouble.

JT: I love to run in new places on business journeys. A couple of favorites are Santa Monica to Venice Beach and in LA along with a lap or more around Central Park in NY.

10. What’s your least favorite a part of running?

TJ: I acquired heat stroke once while running in Singapore…that wasn’t fun.

JT: Stretching after. But you need to do it!

11. What drags you out of the door when you wish to skip an exercise session?

TJ: Managing a global business requires discipline–the same discipline for checking up on lengthy distance running. That stated, I’m an inherently lazy person, so registering for marathons forces me to follow along with a marathon training schedule as there isn’t any cheating yourself in marathon training. Should you cheat you’ll suffer greatly on race day.

JT: The accountability of scheduling the following race well ahead of time helps, however i also enjoy it. If I am not feeling it, I simply run slower.

12. Would you prefer solo or buddy runs?

TJ: Due to my frequent business travels, I’m predominantly solo runner. However when I’m able to, I usually enjoy running with my buddies and colleagues. It’s such a terrific way to have conversation and revel in that sportsmanship comradery!

JT: Solo. My schedule is fairly fluid and that i have plenty of team collaboration within my regular job ?.

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