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We’re very happy to announce the supply of AvePoint Online Services (AOS) in France! By getting AOS to France we’ll now have the ability to provide all of the workload abilities and stacks from AOS to the customers within the French region. This is particularly important because of the new GDPR policies and French companies having the ability to maintain data sovereignty.

data centers
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An excellent illustration of this is French healthcare organizations. All French healthcare organization data should be kept in France, therefore the Microsoft data center needs to be certified and become inside the territory. Using the local data center this can enable us to handle and backup all the healthcare organizations. This reaches other French companies.

This represents an additional advantage of the local data center to France, it’ll meet data sovereignty needs for French firms that maybe needed to help keep all their information in France and otherwise be unable to proceed to the cloud. Our customers will have the ability to make the most of our AOS services while meeting stringent rules.

We’ve a distribution agreement with 21V Blue Cloud to provide AOS in China. 21V Blue Cloud is really a leading carrier and cloud-neutral internet data center services provider in China and we’re searching toward increasingly easily available to the consumers there. They’ll be accountable for all related implementation and maintenance services for AOS to the customers.

What is AOS?

AvePoint Online Services (AOS) is really a multi-tenant SaaS platform centered on helping customers manage their Office 365 and Dynamics 365 investments. AvePoint is dedicated to making certain the very best performance by locating our services near Office 365 and Dynamics 365 locations world-wide. Managed by AvePoint and it is partners globally, AOS is located in Microsoft Azure data centers situated in Australia, Japan, Singapore, US, US GovCloud, and today, multiple locations in Europe.

Whenever you sign in to the new trial start-in AOS, it now features an up-to-date drop-lower where one can pick your brand-new data center.

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