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Learn to take full advantage of Tasks and Lists in Teams with this recent web seminar “Supercharge Microsoft Teams using the Newest Apps: Tasks and Lists!

If you’ve happened this blog publish, you’re likely already a Teams power user who’s trying to identify new methods to hack your everyday activities for optimum efficiency.

You may have also read our latest Which Tool When publish covering the differences between Planner, To Complete, Tasks, and Lists.

Within this publish we’ll focus particularly on Tasks within Microsoft Teams, that is a mixture of Planner and also to Do inside a Teams-friendly wrapper. After learning things to use when, now now you ask , “I understand what to make use of, but which method or manner must i utilize it in?”

This captures the strength of the Microsoft 365 collaboration platform. Just like users confident with SharePoint could visit the document library behind a Microsoft Team to edit/collaborate on documents, they might also achieve this in the application. Likewise, with Microsoft Tasks, you have access to Planner Boards–which tend to be more Team-centric when surfaced with the app–rather than navigate to that particular board via a browser. You have to To Complete you won’t be required to click on Outlook/Exchange to get at what you would like.

If you’ve seen this banner, you’re conscious of the alterations soon arrive at the Application within Teams:

Overall, if you wish to visit a consolidated “big picture” look at your Tasks, while using application within Teams will grant you that unified look. If you are the kind of person who organizes work by task groupings (e.g. by project or by another business construct), you might prefer to continue using a browser to come to light all of your Planner boards in one location through

Furthermore, if you are accustomed to assigning tasks to yourself yet others, or leveraging PowerApps right through to Do products as a swap, you’re most likely much more comfortable doing this through Outlook. The alerts and notifications you are able to configure through Outlook might be more familiar for many, however, wouldn’t you favour a unified take a look at all of your Planner and also to Do products in a single view?

Getting Began

With Microsoft Tasks becoming an aggregation of generally used Microsoft apps for program management and tracking, Planner, and also to-Do, it’s never been a much better time for you to begin using them inside your organization. Getting both located inside a “teamwork hub” platform like Microsoft Teams that finish-users use every single day prevents the necessity to bounce from application to application to obtain work done.

Around the Planner side from the application, you are able to organize all your team-based projects and assign tasks to numerous team people. With Kanban boards and notifications, finish-users can track and supply updates inside a convenient manner.

Around the To Complete side of Tasks, finish users can manage all of their day-to-day tasks with increased granularity. So, should there be finer points needed for his or her tasks in Planner, they are able to write down and track everything they have to maintain their needed work. Where one can really make the most of To Complete is when it flags important emails from Outlook as well as shows the finish user’s assigned Planner tasks.

With Tasks, now you can leverage best wishes options that come with Microsoft’s project management software tools to create your existence simpler. Get began today and tell us how you’re making the most from this latest offering!

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