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In our previous publish, we covered what Tasks in Teams are and just what Teams power users have to do to obtain began. But when you’re a new comer to Teams or simply finding out how to leverage the various aspects of Tasks in Teams, Planner, and also to-Do, this publish is perfect for you!

What’s Microsoft Planner?

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Microsoft Planner is really a project management software tool that provides users a visible method to track and manage all their projects and operate in one convenient application. Both you and your team may use Planner like a platform for creating and tracking strategic business plans, tasks, files, and much more to assist organize projects.

You’re most likely believing that this looks familiar, and perhaps you’ve used something similar to it–a Kanban board that rhymes with Tom Morello. It’s like this but a lot more!

Microsoft Planner Best Features &amp Practices

Because of so many features and options with regards to using Planner, we’re likely to highlight the best features to Planner to maximise tracking tasks when needed. A few my personal favorite features that needs to be leveraged would be the schedule view and deadline notifications.

Schedule view is perfect for individuals who choose to utilize visuals. Visualizing what tasks are necessary to be complete is extremely important for several people, with Planner’s schedule view that you can do exactly that!

Appears like we have to have this calendar completed!

With deadline notifications, team people assigned tasks will get due tasks in advance to be correctly notified from the tasks on time. By concentrating on visualizing and notifying users of tasks, it’s a guaranteed way to make sure that team people know about what must be done.

What’s To Complete?

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Microsoft To Complete is really a fully-featured agenda for finish-users to keep an eye on all their daily tasks, keep notes, sets reminders, save attachments, plus much more. The good thing about To Complete is the fact that it’s a cloud-based application that users can manage using their computers, tablets, and smartphones, therefore if you’re on the run and want to keep an eye on everything, you’ll have access wherever you’re!

From it like a planner, though, there might be some pitfalls, particularly when mixing it with Planner in Microsoft Teams under Tasks. Let’s dive into methods to Do could be leveraged within this new interface to get making probably the most from it!

Using To Complete Every Single Day

First, get into your To Complete settings and obtain flagged emails out of your Outlook account and anything allotted to you tagged like a task. This can make sure that all of your emails that should be addressed take presctiption your radar within the Teams Task interface moving forwarding.

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With of individuals switched on, the following factor you’ll wish to accomplish is organize and type your tasks. With an array of tasks arriving, having the ability to sort the very best fit for the way you’re employed is very helpful. You are able to sort your tasks by Importance, Deadline, Completed, Alphabetically, or Creation date.

The very best of All Possible Worlds with Microsoft Teams

With Tasks, leveraging Planner and also to Do is the greatest of all possible worlds for finish-users to efficiently monitor and track everything they have to surface and be familiar with. To-Do mixing two common Microsoft 365 apps succinctly into Teams is really a natural extension of Microsoft’s pursuit to continue making Microsoft Teams probably the most extensible collaboration platform in the current virtual work climate. You never know, maybe eventually we won’t even have to open a internet browser to obtain work done!

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