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Welcome to the Microsoft Forms Introduction article series. This really is Part 2 where we check out the choices Ranking, Likert, File Upload, Internet Promoter Score, Section and Branching in Microsoft Forms.


In my experience, the ranking option is another method of the rating option. It enables you to inquire like “Which from the following services is the favourite?” The primary benefit is you ask multiple questions in a single. By doing this, you can aquire a feeling the number of “stars” people will give your choices.

By clicking the up or lower arrow on a single option you progress it “obviously” greater or lower. You may also use drag &amp drop which is effective on mobile.

You might like to make use of the subtitle too to allow your audience realize that the choice placed greatest is the favourite.


If you wish to capture multiple responses on the scale, the Likert choice is the best choice. I personally use this method for one reason alone in nearly every survey: emojis. Likert is the greatest experience for asking multiple questions and which makes it clear to see with emojis.

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Using emojis doesn’t inherently make feedback worth more, however it catches the attention and boosts the chance that somebody stop and participate.

File Upload

The opportunity to upload files in Microsoft Forms is among their latest additional features (despite the fact that it’s already old when compared to new feature count of other products). Still, this method continues to be used quite frequently in quizzes. You are able to limit the file uploads from 1-10, the quality limit from 10 MB, 100 MB, or 1 GB, as well as specify personal files type.

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microsoft forms

So far as I understand, however, file upload isn’t readily available for GCC, GCC High, and DoD environments.

Should you add this method, you will notice this message: A brand new folder is going to be produced inside your OneDrive for Business. Responders can upload their files for this folder. Continue?

Click Yes to carry on (or you don’t desire to proceed, click Cancel).

Internet Promoter Score

A internet promoter score or NPS is essentially your customer’s readiness to recommend your products or services to other people. It’s calculated because the distinction between promoters and detractors.

An NPS field inside a form can be used just about everywhere since it will test out your goodwill and you may work accordingly.

From the user perspective, it will seem like an easy rating option. The outcomes look different though:

Branching Logic

You can include branching logic to some survey or quiz in order that it changes based on the responses to a particular questions. Inside a survey or quiz that branches, questions appear only if they’re highly relevant to the responder. When the questions don’t apply, the responder is redirected to a new list of questions or will skip some questions altogether.

It doesn’t always seem sensible to make use of branching logic on every option, however the choice choice is perfectly suited to that. Within the following screenshot, the thing is a good example according to three questions. If you choose Option 1 from Questions 1, you’re able to Question 2. If you choose to choose Option 2 from Question 1, you’ll reach Question 3, and whatever option you select afterward goes towards the finish from the form.

For that techies available, you are able to compare it for an IF-ELSE clause you jump to some specific point following a certain result happened.


As with every service you will find settings, and something option in there can be essential. I’m speaking about “record name.” Should you enable that, it clearly does what it really states however, you might like to ensure that it stays switched if you’re your scenario where privacy is essential.

Also, enabling email notifications for every response could be great, but based on the number of responses you receive, it may be crazy annoying.


I recommend utilizing a theme. Although the possibilities haven’t altered much within the last couple of years, the choice to upload your personal is excellent. By benefiting from this you are able to attract users by simply getting an excellent background. Inside a survey, you need to keep people motivated, so perhaps tell a tale while they’re scrolling lower. Think as they are (or from the form, rather ?).

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Thank you for looking at Part 2 from the Microsoft Forms Introduction article series. If you are thinking about another part that discusses quizzes particularly, tell us within the comments lower below.

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