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Find out about the advantages of streamlining your cloud services in last week’s publish here.

We’ve spoken about the good thing about the cloud, and just how cloud services have revolutionized what’s feasible for organizations around the globe. But we face a pandemic of cloud proliferation that you will find worked with before it destroys the numerous gains which are possible through cloud services.

For this finish, we’ve dived into idea of cloud consolidation, enumerating the advantages offered by making proper choices about cloud services, with financial savings being only one benefit (and in lots of ways, the most unimportant).

So let’s get lower towards the practical next stages in this. How can we really start consolidating the amount of cloud services being used, with Microsoft 365 because the proper destination platform?

Uncover the Scope from the Chance for Cloud Consolidation

Having your arms round the scope of cloud services being used is the initial step.

Some organizations have accepted a multi-cloud strategy when it comes to sanctioned cloud services, what’s frequently hidden may be the extent of shadow IT being used. Sanctioned services will number within the tens, but unsanctioned services can number within the hundreds or thousands.

Use automated discovery tools to produce a first-pass inventory of what’s presently getting used. CASBs like Microsoft Cloud Application Security can help within this endeavor, in addition to endpoint auditing tools.

Find shadow IT using the Microsoft Cloud Application Security feature.

In case your organization can access specific software asset inventory abilities, see what you will discover using these. You will need to look for popular solutions which have overlapping abilities with Microsoft 365—many which were listed earlier within this eBook—for example, Slack, Box, DropBox, and WebEx.

Automated discovery will often have to be complemented with manual efforts, however, that involves interviewing (or surveying) business groups and teams around the cloud services (as well as on-premises apps too) they’re using to do the work they do.

Remember, you’re not only around the search for cloud collaboration software, but process and functionality overlap. For instance, AvePoint’s phone bill didn’t appear like a cloud service line item, but ditching it for Microsoft Teams led to significant financial savings. Likewise, your custom mobile application development process won’t appear like a recurring cloud services cost, however, you might be able to realize significant savings with PowerPlatform.

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Build Up Your Reference IT Architecture for Cloud Services

Informed through the discovery analysis from Step One, which services presently getting used are proper for your organization and why? It’s possible that you might uncover an accumulation of subpar cloud services that have to be eliminated in preference for any new proper play.

Proper value encompasses benefits available, integration with complementary services (for improving the worker experience), and also the maturity from the security and compliance abilities available.

AvePoint is really a proper consultant to organizations on cloud consolidation, so we recommend that the introduction of this architecture includes representation from sections beyond just IT. There’s great value to become acquired out of this collaboration.

While business managers will probably require education to determine the options in Microsoft 365 beyond just email and taking advantage of the calendar within the cloud, IT, because of its part, will need education from sections on business scenarios (use cases), needs, and preferences.

The creation of Step Two is a summary of cloud services which will stay in use or perhaps be introduced as internet-new releases, plus a listing of services to get rid of.

Build the company Situation and Needs for Consolidation

Prepare the company situation for cloud consolidation, painting the image of the present condition in comparison to the ideal future condition. The character and scope of the business situation is determined by the amount of changes to cloud services being recommended for the organization, an investment of money and time needed, and also the extent of adoption support anticipated.

You will find short-term and lengthy-term advantages to be acquired from cloud consolidation, and some of those we’ve explored within this eBook will resonate together with your organization greater than others.

Likewise, you will see costs to plan for, including cloud service charges, talking to support and migration tools to maneuver the required data for your proper destination platform. Timeframes to make changes ought to be outlined in the industry situation, as well as your arrange for sustainable adoption (a subject we’ve plenty of material on).

Many vendors—including AvePoint—offer a totally free migration discovery consultation to scan your atmosphere to supply a precise estimate of times and price connected with moving data and
consolidating the services you provide. This is often invaluable to discover hidden tripwires for data or workflows which may be harder emigrate.

microsoft 365
The AvePoint FLY migration tool can migrate funnel conversations from Slack or any other Teams tenant.

In this stage you will need to think about your migration needs. The most crucial needs to think about are making certain you keep the entire fidelity from the data, all connected metadata, and the opportunity to minimize effect on the business.

For instance, if you’re moving from Slack to Microsoft Teams, there’s likely important context and business data contained inside the persistent chat of channels. AvePoint FLY is among the only vendors that may map and migrate that data fully to Teams funnel conversations. We’ve done this effectively for multiple organizations already.

In case your organization is big or perhaps your migration is extremely complex spanning countries or tenants, you might want to consider migration services to reduce effect on the finish user.

Become familiar with a couple of other handy steps to obtain began within the full ebook!

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