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The Task

Laser Clinics is presently within their final stages of relocating to a totally cloud-based atmosphere, which may be demanding for his or her IT team.

“Our IT team is just made up of four individuals to support over 160 clinics contributing to 90 internal staff people – so we’re still reasonably small. This will make us naturally much more of a reactive IT team,” stated George Pontifix, IT Manager at Laser Clinics. “We’re now attempting to push something to be standardized and compliant.”

Laser Clinics plans not only to scale and modify their data retention, but additionally their application adoption and usage. The requirement for an adaptable backup option would be obvious.

“We’re using many applications already and at this time I’m really attempting to push Teams right through to the business. At this time there exists a two-year retention policy,” described Pontifix. “However, I’ve been focusing on extending that. So in the finish of the year, I’ll be speaking to AvePoint about either a strategy to archive data to cheaper storage or extending the size of our backups.”

data governance

As being a global organization having a presence within the Uk, Laser Clinics required to ensure compliance with European Union’s GDPR data sovereignty needs.

“We required to satisfy the EU’s data needs. What we should back-in the United kingdom, should remain in the United kingdom,” stated Pontifix. “When we spoken to AvePoint and discovered multi-geo tenancy abilities, it had been a no-brainer. There’s no logical reason because the why we shouldn’t put it to use.”

The AvePoint Solution

Laser Clinics has utilized Cloud Backup to retain roughly four or five terabytes of information. However, Pontifix does not have to check on in on his data growth every day.

“That’s the benefit of AvePoint – I do not have to know just how much has been supported every minute of each and every day,” stated Pontifix.

For him, among the greatest advantages of a real SaaS backup option would be the peace-of-mind and time-saved.


“The factor I love most may be the option would be a collection and end up forgetting tool, where we actually only have to review quarterly. It doesn’t take hrs each week for somebody to keep it,” described Pontifix. “It’s an excellent reassurance that there’s no worrying, then one just reports in my experience daily saying when the backup labored or otherwise.”

To be the IT Manager of the group of four, Pontifix explains SaaS is particularly valuable for scaling a comparatively small IT team.

“What for you to do if you have a little IT team is to possess a set and end up forgetting tool. Only being notified when there is a problem. We’re instantly running four incremental backups each day and be worried about nothing before the report informs me something is wrong,” stated Pontifix. “I’ve spent 3 decades in the market which makes my existence much simpler understanding that I do not need to bother about anything.

“On surface of that, they AvePoint has round the solution works very well,” added Pontifix.


The Conclusion

Reflecting around the adoption and implementation of Cloud Backup, Pontifix is extremely happy with the general experience.

“The implementation process was really super easy from sales completely lower to tech support team. The entire team understood the things they used to do, and so i felt confident through the whole operation. Everything went based on plan and labored our try,” stated Pontifix.

Everything returns to getting an easy, effective backup experience.

Pontifix described, “I can’t say one component… is preferable to another, but when I needed to select one, it’s how technically simple the answer is.”

Laser Clinics Leverages Cloud Backup’s Multi-Geo Tenancy to Comply with GDPR

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