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Hi Everybody! Roxy once again with another publish in the series Dux and that i lately began, Frustrated!

Within this episode of Frustrated we review a few of the major federal compliant standards and certifications that we’re seeing customers mention. Including speaking about FEDAMP, NARA, IRS 1075, and many more! We break lower which Microsoft 365 applications are compliant today and which of them are coming. Make sure to look into the video below for the details!


Dux: Hi everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hey, Roxy!

Roxy: Hi everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dux: Where’re your Christmas adornments?

Roxy: You realize, we’re just a little minimalistic about this side. We’re getting there though. We’ve 2 or 3 days!

Dux: Okay, good! So, listen, thanks again for your first episode! I’ve become great feedback. Everyone loves the idea that people can offer bite-sized conversations on what’s surface of mind for public sector round the modern workplace. So, with this episode, I figured we ought to certainly discuss each one of these certifications and also the different clouds Microsoft has.

So, inside your world (the government world), what are the top certifications within the cloud that many your clients need to adhere to?


Roxy: You realize Dux, within my world, I’d say there’s a couple. There are several really really big ones, but I’ll just discuss a couple of, the first being FedRAMP. There’s lots of buzz around FedRAMP. FedRAMP is easily the most popular because when we view it modernization, you want to make certain that whenever we escape from these legacy systems and we’re standardizing this method, there exists a type of compliance that makes certain that that’s secure. There is a certain degree of authorization there, and we’re doing things inside a more safe and effective way its our customers. So FEDRAMP may be the greatest one, the first. After which I’ll discuss IRS 1075.

When we’re searching at coping with tax documents, or different figures when it comes to the tax world, we must make certain that individuals are encrypted. And our clients are really really really big on ensuring they’re in compliance with this file encryption. So that’s the second.

Another two I’ll state that are pretty big when FedRAMP doesn’t play a role are SOC 1 and SOC 2. They are huge for ensuring individuals processes and controls are actually secure to ensure that customers who do not have that FedRAMP compliance for several goods are still doing things inside a secure manner. So, I believe individuals would be the four big buzz ones which i hear throughout my accounts at this time.

Dux: You realize for me personally, Sometimes a great deal with government customers across federal, condition and native. For instance, condition and native may be the CJIS compliance (the Criminal Justice Information Service). So that’s big for several condition and native, after which with DoD there is a whole gamut of compliance. One surface of mind I’m able to consider is L5 compliance.

Now, considering all of this, so how exactly does Microsoft support your clients across the federal government considering each one of these different rules? You realize, customers ask me “What cloud? What sort of capacity does Microsoft offer?” And i believe this is an excellent chance for all of us to interrupt lower the various government clouds that Microsoft provides.

Roxy: Yeah, absolutely! Thanks, Dux. I am talking about, that’s super important because at Microsoft we’re huge on the truth that we’ve six government data centers. That’s an issue for all of us because whenever you take a look at many of our competitors, it normally won’t genuinely have that.

Then when you begin searching at government particularly, you will find the government community cloud, the GCC atmosphere, after which you’re searching in the DoD cloud, after which you’re searching at GCC High. It’s exactly that the various clouds offer different amounts of certification.

Therefore if you’re speaking to some federal civilian agency they might not require that DoD cloud, they might only need the federal government community cloud that is still FedRAMP compliant and abides with all of individuals other compliances. However it still provides them with that much cla of security that commercial might not have today.

Dux: Let’s unpack that. You stated GCC (Government Community Cloud).  That, I suppose, isn’t restricted to Office 365, right? So for purchasers who still want Dynamics or Azure, that’s still obtainable in the GCC too.

Roxy: Yes, it’s, absolutely. We’re searching at Office 365, Dynamics, Azure. That’s all obtainable in GCC.

Dux: On the top to be available, I believe an important factor that buyers need to know too is the fact that at this time, it doesn’t always mean all of the abilities that could typically maintain the things they call the “commercial” or “public” cloud can be found in GCC. So for instance, allow me to pick on Teams. Teams has become within the GCC that is great, but there’s still some functionality it is not quite in Teams yet in GCC because it’s dealing with a FedRAMP certification and all sorts of so good stuff, right?

Roxy: Right, in order you appear at connectors, bots, and Microsoft Stream and things of this sort, individuals functionalities aren’t currently available in Teams. I’ll take Stream for instance. Stream continues to be dealing with that FedRAMP process and will also be available next twelve months, but it’s still dealing with that tactic to make certain that it’s FedRAMP compliant to ensure that if this does integrate with Teams, we’re compliant overall. But connectors and bots, since there are certain connectors that aren’t FedRAMP, they’re simply not obtainable in GCC today.

Dux: As well as for individuals unfamiliar (with FedRAMP, I am talking about), It is excellent regulation compliance. But the actual way it works is apart, then your platform within this situation, you realize Office 365, or Azure, being FedRAMP compliant, the applications in there must be compliant too. So, imagine all of the services at work 365 dealing with that certification process.


Roxy: It’s good though, so customers do not have to sit down and question, “Is this compliant?” “Can I personally use this?” “Does the work?” “Am I gonna type of get free from my compliance factor after i touch this connector?” so it’s an excellent factor.

Dux: Yeah, however there’s that one other, basically looming, activity that’s picking out the NARA regulation. Roxy, you may can discuss what NARA is or NARA being an organization, what this regulation’s about, and particularly around records and retention.

Roxy: Yeah, absolutely. In order we glance at NARA, lots of my customers have a similar questions:

  • “Do we have to retain certain records?”
  • “Do we have to retain emails?”
  • “Do we have to retain physical documents?”
  • “What would be the rules around that to ensure that we are able to be you realize type of in lockstep with NARA?”

Individuals are common questions which come up. NARA basically provides fundamental assistance with how lengthy we have to keep these documents, how lengthy we have to retain these documents, where they really have to be stored (or how we have to have them).

Dux: And there is a deadline, right? By when federal agencies ought to be in compliance with this particular regulation? In my opinion it’s December 2019.

Roxy: Yeah, December 2019. After which with respect to the agency, they may also tackle their very own needs on the top of this initial NARA mandate making it their very own.

Web seminar: Guidelines Guide: Records Management for that Digital Era

Dux: Awesome! So, with this, thanks again Roxy with this bite-sized episode of Frustrated! Anything you’re searching toward in 2019?

Roxy: You realize, in 2019, I’m really searching toward this adoption that’s really happening with customers. Clients are so excited for everything that’s happening. The NARA workshops, Teams workshops, each one of these things that are connecting on after which when Stream releases, there’s so much exciting activity happening! I’m really searching toward as being a catalyst for your. How about yourself, Dux?

Dux: I really like that word: the catalyst. Function as the change agent. For me personally, exactly like you, just searching toward another phenomenal year. You realize, I’m grateful for 2018. Meeting you, meeting to see the planet. But boy, there’s a lot in the future. And also you know, inside a sappy way, I’m always really excited that I’m part of this modification. Helping our customers, but more to the point having an influence on a larger scale. So, thanks, possess a great Christmas and we’ll help you in 2019! Bye everybody!

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