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Note: Workshop dates happen to be updated for that 2020 twelve months.

As more organizations are embracing Microsoft Teams to accelerate effective working together, we’ve consistently seen the advantages of in-person learning, demonstrations, and understanding discussing to assist folks get an understanding of all Microsoft Teams provides.

Together with Microsoft, we’re very excited to provide our latest Microsoft Teams workshop throughout 2020.

During these workshops, you’ll learn actionable tips on how you can engage in Microsoft Teams to enhance collaboration and communication. You’ll also learn to integrate apps and tools into Microsoft Teams and provide something for those your colleagues even if they’re in marketing, HR, finance, project management software, software development, etc.

Additionally, this workshop will address the most typical modern workplace challenges in organizations today:

  • Coping with colleagues who go around IT and take advantage of random productivity tools by themselves that do not interact, aren’t secure and are expensive to aid.
  • Seeking to get the most from Office 365 services but ultimately using only Exchange for email.
  • Understanding how to unveil Microsoft Teams organization-wide without getting controls in place to manage the information lifecycle, control guest access and avoid sprawl.

It will not only be hitting metropolitan areas on coasts from the U.S., but loudspeakers covers from collaboration guidelines to how you can effectively govern a company-wide Teams rollout. Our mission would be to strengthen your organization work smarter, not harder.

If you wish to learn to get the most from your Microsoft Teams deployment, look below for dates, locations, and session details (through the registration link) of every FREE workshop. Register today!

Workshop Dates and Locations

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