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Searching to focus on the current workforce while increasing worker productivity, organizations are earning the mad dash towards the cloud – and also the Microsoft Cloud, particularly. But a workplace 365 migration is just half the fight for today’s IT leaders. As numerous IT departments know very well, once implementation is finished, the continuing challenge of effectively managing and securing their cloud investment begins.

To gauge organizations’ core challenges when moving, managing, and protecting cloud-based productivity solutions, AvePoint surveyed greater than 150 IT pros inside a new study released today. Here are the report’s key findings:

1. Organizations are prepared to invest both some time and sources into effective migrations. 

We discovered that three-quarters of respondents have previously made the leap to cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications. Roughly 1 / 2 of organizations that migrated required 3 to 6 several weeks and many (65 %) spent greater than $50,000 to do this, shedding light about how intricate and costly the migration process could be. For big enterprises with troves of information, migration can require six several weeks or longer. Of organizations which have completed migration, nearly half (49 percent) contracted a 3rd party to aid the procedure.

Cost of migrating to a cloud based productivity/collaboration app

2. Though most organizations prefer Microsoft, most are vendor-agnostic.

Of individuals organizations which have moved their collaboration and productivity applications towards the cloud, up to 50 % (45 percent) transported out a workplace 365 migration. However, most organizations depend on a mix of vendors instead of locking employees into one. For example, although only 13 % from it professionals count Google for Act as their organization’s primary application, 39 percent say Google Apps are some of the number of programs employees use to have their jobs done. Similarly, only 21 percent cite Dropbox his or her core productivity application, but two times as numerous (42 percent) say it’s still used positively by staff.

Primary productivity/collaboration app

3. Managing cloud applications may be the true cost driver.

Our survey found three-fourths from it professionals repeat the primary cost connected with managing cloud platforms is the IT departments’ time. And 62 percent report your day-to-day upkeep costs of cloud applications account for approximately one fourth of corporate IT budgets. Since the cost of managing cloud applications isn’t sustainable lengthy-term, most (55 percent) from the organizations work with third-party software and repair providers to assist manage their core productivity and collaboration solutions. Outsourcing cloud application management can release organizations’ IT departments as well as their budgets to pay attention to more proper initiatives.

Internal cost of managing cloud-based productivity/collaboration apps

4. Cloud security remains IT professionals’ Achilles’ heel.

The sentiment persists – 53 % from it professionals cite security his or her organization’s top challenge taking a look at cloud-based productivity and collaboration solutions. Actually, under half (45 percent) of respondents say they’re very certain that the information within their core cloud-based productivity and collaboration apps is safe 52 percent are “somewhat” confident. Using these concerns in your mind, organizations that engage another-party for moving, managing, or protecting their core cloud-based productivity and collaboration platform are more inclined to have the data in individuals platforms is safe.

Top productivity/collaboration app management challenges

With increased cloud options than in the past, organizations aren’t just searching for secure, reliable collaboration and productivity applications – they’re searching for that tools that will their workers to operate better, faster. But migration isn’t the finish from the road.

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AvePoint’s study, Migrate, Manage, Safeguard – Organizations’ Journey to Productivity &amp Collaboration within the Cloud, offers information for this managers searching emigrate and strategies for managing cloud solutions. To find out more, download the entire, 13-page report.