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For additional around the integration of Lists and Tasks in Microsoft Teams, watch our latest web seminar “Supercharge Microsoft Teams using the Newest Apps: Tasks and Lists!

Hey all! After lots of you attended last week’s Tasks and Lists web seminar (linked above), it had been no real surprise that people received a lot of follow-up questions in the audience. To supply further clearness, AvePoint’s own Eddie Lee and that i made the decision to visit lower their email list and answer the very best of the bunch. Provide them with a read and for those who have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave them within the comments below!

When will everybody possess the new Microsoft Lists and Tasks applications? 

Based on the roadmap, the Microsoft Lists application is going to be obtainable in Microsoft Teams through the finish of September. Microsoft Tasks is going to be moving out continuously through organizations through September, however your organization might have it enabled today, so look!

Does Tasks replace Microsoft Planner?

Tasks leverages both Planner and also to Do in Microsoft Teams and can be the substitute for Planner being an application within the Teams interface. However, there might be some confusion when looking for it. As Microsoft puts it:

“As we unveil the brand new Planner experience of Teams desktop, the application name will initially remain Planner. It’ll then briefly change to Tasks by Planner and also to Do. Finally, it’ll be simplified to Tasks. On Teams mobile clients, users will invariably begin to see the application name as Tasks.”

Here’s what it really may be like whenever you open Planner in Teams:

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Will these newly discovered apps have the ability to interface with Mac OS and iOS?

Yes, these apps is going to be readily available for MacOS and iOS and provide exactly the same functionality and experience. Lists is presently in development and will also be available by December 2020.

Are you able to visit a flagged Outlook email in Tasks for Teams? If so, how?

Yes, since Tasks integrates with Microsoft To Complete, you are able to set flagged emails to appear. To put it together:

  1. Sign into To Complete as well as your Outlook account.
  2. A notification will appear suggesting that you show the Flagged List.
  3. Accept connect the 2 accounts.

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Maybe there is a Gantt or Kanban view using these newly discovered apps?

Using the creation of these apps, Microsoft is which makes it simpler than ever before for project managers to produce lists and tasks inside a view that can make it simpler to handle and scope work. As they are, you will find preset views for example Event and Gallery that may be customized to suit finish user needs. Gantt particularly will not be provided with these new choices, but it’s still obtainable in Microsoft Project.

Can we have the ability to link approvals towards the item view in Microsoft Teams?

Since Planner is around the backend, you are able to connect with PowerAutomate to setup an agreement flow process for tasks. To learn to set that up see below:

microsoft teams

Kudos towards the Power Users community for supplying this resource!

When will existing SharePoint Lists formatted within the calendar view have this UI?

The calendar gets an up-to-date UI at the begining of 2021, so look then for that update!

Are you able to add subtasks?

Whenever you give a task within the Tasks application in Teams you will see a choice to include a listing to individual tasks. You may also add priority, notes, and payment dates.

Can Lists be distributed to an outdoors user?

Yes. In case your organization’s permissions enable exterior access to your tenant, you can share Lists by having an exterior user.

What exactly are some unique advantages of choosing Lists?

Since Lists is really a SharePoint object, it may offer more granular permissions, custom views, and SharePoint-specific configuration versus. a conventional Stand out file you should tell other users. For instance, you are able to set item-level permissions in lists that may grant or deny visibility and responses using their company co-workers if something must be private. You’ll likewise be able to complete such things as set custom views and dynamic filters inside a cleaner format that’s readily available and leverageable by finish users.

What is the “list” for asset management?

With regards to asset management, Lists and Tasks may have choices to hold files within them, that will assist asset management.

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