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SharePoint is a perfect solution for managing and collaborating on documents with colleagues. Centralization of content, search, versioning, workflows, auditing, and far, a lot more allow it to be the conventional bearer for internal collaboration. But users have to collaborate past the four walls of the business, which will get very tricky with SharePoint on premises. Even without the a simple-to-use exterior discussing option, users only will use email or outdoors solutions, be responsible for data breaches.

For organizations that are looking to talk about SharePoint content externally, there are a few options to select from:

Add Exterior Users for their Internal Active Directory (AD)

External Sharing by adding outside users to Active Directory

You are able to assign them permissions like every other user, but many organizations won’t allow exterior users within their corporate AD. A typical approach would be to fully stand up a SharePoint extranet to limit potential accidental exterior use of proprietary content, but that is included with significant cost and continuing management.


File Sync and Share Technology

Using Box for External Sharing

Using Dropbox for External SharingTechnologies for example Box or Dropbox really are a similar but exterior option. The concern here’s clearly the content is going to be moved or copied from SharePoint. This could effectively compromise the concept of single supply of truth, as well as create additional risk which may be harder to handle.

Moving to SharePoint Online

Moving to SharePoint Online for External Sharing CapabilitiesThis really is Microsoft’s cloud offering, which enables you to definitely share natively with exterior parties. Although this certainly simplifies exterior discussing for users, many organizations aren’t ready or in a position to invest in moving data towards the cloud because of worldwide or industry rules, or perhaps Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs).

Outdoors of those existing ways of exterior discussing, we’ve produced something that integrates directly with SharePoint while supplying an identical experience because the built-in share capacity.

A duplicate from the file is shared via a guaranteed portal (requiring registration and register for binding access), and changes are synced to the initial file.

External Sharing with AvePoint Perimeter

This enables users to talk about files from their current address inside SharePoint without having to open up use of exterior parties.

For more information on AvePoint Perimeter, check out our product page.