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Are you currently searching for methods to succeed digital transformation at the organization? Well, you’ve come right place.

Greetings everybody! I’m Vicky Zhang, EPG Client/Partner Manager at AvePoint Singapore. Today we’re likely to recap Dux Raymond Sy’s thorough Microsoft Teams governance workshops locked in Singapore and Hong Kong recently. Let’s get directly into it!

Microsoft Teams, now formally the quickest-growing business application within the good reputation for Microsoft, is among the hottest topics among IT people around the globe.

Actually, greater than 200,000 organizations use Microsoft Teams in 181 markets around the world. Having a free version available these days Skype for Business coming out, there isn’t any question why individuals are so keen to leap on Microsoft Teams train. Naturally, the APAC region isn’t any expectation.

This is particularly the situation in Singapore and Hong Kong, which ranks No.1 with no.4 on Asian Digital Transformation Index, correspondingly. Both of these metropolitan areas are generally smaller sized in dimensions, dependent on advanced technology, and share a powerful necessity to create the most from the hyperconnected workstyle an electronic transformation enables.

Simultaneously, however, this latest era of collaborative technology and tools brings new challenges too. Probably the most prominent may be the effective governance of cloud-based collaboration tools.

Thus, I had been happy to accompany Microsoft RD+MVP and AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy because he gave in-depth workshops on Microsoft Teams governance across Asia. He’s noted for his energetic presentation style, and so i were built with a wonderful time presenting him to the audiences to see just how much they enjoyed the presentation!

I was extremely lucky to possess Dan Stevenson, Microsoft Senior Director of Microsoft Teams, co-hosting the session in Hong Kong. It had been this type of great experience to listen to about Microsoft Teams in the very individual who led to the birth of Teams!

The session began with Dux asking participants to “Identify which Microsoft Teams adoption or governance issues finish users have to face.” Dux gave this instruction to participants at the outset of the session. These were then to possess a discussion one of the select few, narrow the problems lower to three, after which draw these 3 issues in one panel!

Since the workshop began with this particular interactive activity (and collaborative picture drawing was involved), participants within my group opened up as much as one another easily, exchanging their tales and getting passionate and cheerful discussion.

The nice and cozy, easygoing atmosphere was helped by Dux themself who, meanwhile, went round the room listening in around the discussion and making suggestions. He constantly interacted using the audience to make certain these were taking all things in. Participants required full benefit of this by enthusiastically asking them questions and looking feedback.

Following the “picture drawing challenge,” Dux required happens to discuss the greater technical side of Teams/Microsoft 365. Amazingly, the interactive atmosphere from the earlier session never disappeared.

A primary reason why participants enjoyed the workshop is the fact that many topics derive from real-existence scenarios, use cases, and tales.

When must i use Yammer and never Teams?

Don’t let encourage users to begin using Teams chat rather of Skype for Business?

How must i make certain info on Microsoft Teams is stored safely? And just what about exterior discussing?

How can SharePoint On the internet and Microsoft Teams interact?

Dux addressed individuals issues using real-existence examples, including some from his personal Teams encounters. Training and explanations straight from actual living, breathing collaboration felt very “real” and also the audience continued to be captivated, taking notes and listening intensely.

Dux covered many important topics on Microsoft Teams, however the audience especially appeared to savor the subject on “proper governance methodology for Microsoft Teams.” This covered the purpose of creation (provisioning), continuous management on the reason for usage (management) and the way to retire an obsolete platform (lifecycle).

Since Microsoft Teams is intended to make collaboration intuitive and straightforward, sprawl is a continuing (and unfortunate) side-effect. Simply turning everything off, however, would harm agility and could trigger “shadow IT” from frustrated finish users. Just how can finish users manage Office 365 Groups at scale and stop chaos?

Dux contacted this subject from various angles: having an Azure AD Premium license, restriction by group creation permissions (PowerShell cmdlets incorporated), developing a group naming policy (using suffixes and/or configuring certain words, although the total prefix and suffix string length ought to be limited to 53 figures), and incorporating an organization expiration policy.

By applying individuals policies correctly, finish users can collaborate inside their permissions, also it departments aren’t in constant worry of endless sprawl. Everyone wins!

That stated, Dux advised the crowd of the significance of self-service for any platform like Microsoft Teams. It is vital to empower finish users to reside in, make the most of, and obtain the most from their modern collaboration experience.

Like a client/partner manager, it had been both refreshing and eye-opening that i can view it professionals freely discuss the difficulties they face every single day. It had been also heartening to determine them gaining knowledge from each other’s perspectives and also the real-existence scenarios Dux introduced, and visibly gaining confidence in their own individual Microsoft Teams roadmap. I really hope what Dux spoken about helped these to picture their organization’s own digital transformation with Microsoft 365 tools.

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