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Ready for the following step? Reference our recent blog publish “Quick Guide: Planning upgrading From Skype to Microsoft Teams” for help.

Yesterday, Microsoft formally announced that it’ll be retiring Skype for Online Businesses on This summer 31st, 2021. Current customers will stay unaffected, and organizations can continue adding new users like normal.

Beginning on September 1st, 2019, however, Microsoft will be onboarding new clients straight to Microsoft Teams his or her primary collaboration platform. It is also worth noting this won’t affect Skype for Business Server 2019 support for your doesn’t finish until October 14, 2025.

This sudden announcement was likely shocking with a and foreseeable to other people. AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy has these suggestion for organizations presently entrenched in Skype for Online Businesses:

“While the 2021 deadline sounds a long way away, the transition may take more than anticipated, so it’s crucial for IT teams to obtain began as quickly as possible.

“At AvePoint, we’ve got the Microsoft Teams migration ball moving by encouraging the workers within our NA offices to change to Teams-Only Mode captured. That very same month we sent leadership tips about how to optimize Teams to match their demands (and hopefully convince these to become early adopters). A few several weeks later, we ran an intensive assessment of methods Teams-Only Mode adoption choose to go and altered our strategy accordingly.

“As we still evaluate the prosperity of Microsoft Teams adoption every 3 months, we’re certain to provide as numerous sources so that as much help our employees as possible. We’ve been seeing great progress, and aspire to formally sunset Skype for Business at the begining of 2020!

“Based on own knowledge about this transition so far, I suggest the next phased approach:

  1. Gain executive buy-in and highlight the need for Microsoft Teams.
  2. Incentivize early adopters to consider Teams-Only mode to see streamlined communication and collaboration.
  3. Encourage Microsoft Teams users to talk about quick wins and finest practices with all of those other organization.”
A peek at AvePoint’s own Skype to Teams migration roadmap.

Do you’ve still got concerns concerning the announcement? Will the two-year window appear way too short a time-frame emigrate everything over? And just what about challenges that the organization (both IT admins and finish users) might face throughout the move? Continue reading below for many useful solutions to some couple of common Skype-to-Teams migration questions.

Is 24 months Lots of time to Move Our Data?

There is a wide variance in how lengthy the transition takes. This is often based on the amount of users or sections that should be trained, just how much data you’ve, and just how complicated the dwelling from the platform is perfect for your business. For those who have concerns, it may be better to begin to make migration plans now.

How Can Relocating to Microsoft Teams Impact Our Communications with Clients Still Using Skype for Business?

Fortunately, it will not! Together with yesterday’s announcement, Microsoft also says they’ll be moving out Teams and Skype interoperability within the first quarter of the coming year. If you have partners who’re going to stay firmly in Skype, you will not need to bother about any breakdown in communications you can talk to and give them a call from Teams.

skype for business

Exactly How Should We Create a Smooth Transition Towards Microsoft Teams Adoption?

There is a lot which goes into transitioning users to Microsoft Teams, but it’s not even close to impossible you need to simply be ready. Microsoft is offering assistance often, together with a guide, free workout sessions, and FastTrack onboarding assistance.

Beyond that, AvePoint includes a suite of sources to make your migration as seamless as you possibly can. Click your chosen format and begin learning guidelines today!

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