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After Walls Construction’s experience with being hit by ransomware, they evaluated multiple leading backup solutions.

The opportunity to scale across many applications, personalize the settings, and automate backups were the main features that ultimately result in the decision of AvePoint’s Cloud Backup.

“The work load that was needed has completely altered. AvePoint Cloud Backup being automatic causes it to be so simple. We don’t need to bother about anything along with a recovery takes no more than four clicks. From the backup management perspective, Cloud Backup has removed 90% in our time costs,” stated Lance armstrong.

When they only have needed to make about four or five recoveries during the last six several weeks, Lance armstrong states individuals recoveries, “would happen to be a nightmare with no solution, it couldn’t be any simpler the actual way it has become.”

Walls Construction also made the decision to leverage AvePoint’s Cloud Management means to fix address the mobile users list and the requirement for batch permission changes, cloning permission levels, and pulling access reports.

The Administrator module, particularly, has cut lower their permission management effort by 70 %.

“We have used the Administrator module in Cloud Management mainly for removing dead and dormant accounts,” stated Lance armstrong. “But we leveraged the tool to uncover a junior member had full admin legal rights to each single project and each library inside our document management system. It was discovered through the Administrator solution before we issued that user’s credentials. Therefore allowing us to help make the needed changes stopping use of sensitive areas.”

Walls also uses Cloud Management’s reporting functionality through Report Center and Administrator. The presets most often utilized would be the permission and compliance reports. These reports show who can access what and last utilized time.

“I will run reports according to who can access what, dead accounts, so when something was last utilized. We know that much more reports could be pulled with Report Center and can soon be leveraging the answer more whenever we have time,” states Lance armstrong.