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Hey y’all, Dux here with another edition of Dux Quax! I lately swept up with my close friend Steve Nguyen of Microsoft so we discussed everything on Yammer, other collaboration tools, and when you should use what. Browse the transcript, discover the shocking truth or do both below!

Dux: Hi, everybody! It’s Dux again, at Microsoft Tech Summit in Sydney. Boy, it’s been an excellent the first day, right Steve?

Steve: Beautiful day, yeah. It’s bad we’re not outdoors, right? [Laughs]

Dux: Actually. We’re within the inner loop, right?

Steve: Yeah, working the interior loop.

Dux: Steve, why do you not introduce yourself, after which tell everyone the goodness of Yammer. What’s happening?

Steve: Steve Nguyen, Yammer product evangelist. I’m using the Yammer product team here now, simply to help many of our customers understand our vision, our mission, where we’re headed, where our investments are with Yammer, understand the need for what Yammer is at Office 365 suite.

Dux: Specific to Tech Summit, what session are you currently presenting?

Steve: There exists a Yammer vision and product roadmap session this mid-day.

Dux: Talking about roadmap, I understand there’s still lots of buzz available, when you should use what. The content that arrived at Ignite, the outer and inner loop, I figured which was great. It had been simple. Maybe, do you know everyone exactly what the concept is about inner loop and outer loop, where Yammer falls into that?

Steve: You’re right. At Ignite, it truly resonated with individuals, just focusing on how people operate in the construct of groups and teams, and thus, we’ve really been speaking relating to this perception of an inner loop as well as an outer loop, where your inner loop is that this core team of folks that you train with on perhaps a day-to-day or hourly basis.

You’ve quick, rapid conversations backwards and forwards together. Teams is actually enhanced for your kind of scenario. Then, there’s oftentimes that require where, you’re maybe, sometimes you receive some tunnel vision inside your select few that you’re employed in, requiring to get out of that, and obtain some broader, diverse ideas, using their company people.

Broader ideas and suggestions, maybe, from across the organization. Yammer’s the truly amazing spot for that. Really, we’re considering Yammer as that outer loop solution, and lots of our investments moving forward will be to enhance how people interact for the reason that outer loop. Also, considering how people traverse between your inner loop and outer loop effectively.

Dux: We’re seeing the continual innovation around Yammer. For instance, I believe I first viewed it lately, in which the notes section, right? Operated by Office 365, Word, and all sorts of individuals technologies too.

Steve: We would like to get away from the process of Yammer doing things distinctively different. For instance, file storage. There is not an excuse for Yammer to keep files, and also have SharePoint perform the same things. Such things as eliminating Yammer notes in support of OneNote.

We certainly wish to leverage the very best of breed across Office 365. Stream is yet another great illustration of that. Stream does some wonderful things. We announced Stream integration, so we released Stream integration captured. You want to do a lot more with such things as that, with Stream.

Dux: Awesome. Regarding that, each one of these integrations, and being tighter, should you may, with Office 365. What’s the feedback in, from customers? I understand yesterday you’d a celebration within the town, also it appears enjoy it would be a great event. You’d a person bit there, speaking by what they’re doing with Yammer.

Steve: One thing I did not mention at this event is, we’re spending so much time to make certain that Yammer seems like a core a part of Office 365, and we’ve become some good feedback around the enhancements that we’ve made with that front, to create Yammer feel a significantly more powerful a part of Office 365.

We believe we’ve made lots of progress on that previously 12 several weeks approximately. One factor that I love to convey to individuals is the fact that, should you strip back all individuals options that come with Yammer, the tales that people listen to individuals customers, things that, tales our customers get enthusiastic about, isn’t always the characteristics, but it’s how people use Yammer for connecting, and discover others within their organizations, find expertise.

That’s really what Yammer is all about. That’s our mission, would be to connect people and knowledge over the organization.

Dux: Steve, among the concepts which i always describe with Yammer is, beside me a minimum of, within our organization, is that this concept of serendipitous collision. I do not determine if you browse the book from Tony Hsieh. He accustomed to run Zappos. His whole idea is, when individuals meet up, and walk round the office, and listen to conversations, jump into ideas, that moment of serendipity, that’s something which, a minimum of for all of us at Ave Point, we obtain from Yammer.

One group within Australia speaking in regards to a project, after which I sit watching in EC, and that i observe that. I’m able to jump in it, as well as in that have alone, it’s priceless.

Steve: That’s a primary reason why I, maybe think I’m biased, but, that is why I continue to say that I have faith that Yammer is among the most transformational bits of Office 365. It enables for individuals serendipitous collisions to occur. It enables individuals to learn more in people who they didn’t know existed inside their company as before. Individuals would be the tales I really like listening to from [INAUDIBLE 00:04:41].

Dux: Especially at Microsoft, I understand everyone use Yammer a great deal. I know you’ve lots of different tales around that, too, but I’m very looking forward to Yammer. I’m very looking forward to all of the new innovations. Despite SharePoint, the current experience. There’s Yammer integrations into it, too.

Steve: I shouldn’t downplay the characteristics and stuff that we’re building, without a doubt. For your point, you want to help to make a number of individuals, the opportunity to uncover, the opportunity to make connections. You want to make that better.

You want to help people do individuals things faster. For instance, we’re doing lots of effort to create Yammer in to the Microsoft Graph, to ensure that people can uncover and discover information, we are able to route people, we are able to route happy to people more rapidly while using graph. We’re very thinking about using artificial intelligence and knowledge for connecting people better.

Dux: Listen. For folks who are watching, who hasn’t used Yammer, or perhaps is trying to puzzle out using it, what’s an initial step? Exactly what do you recommend? Exactly what do you suggest?

Steve: To begin with, is getting a obvious purpose. That’s oftentimes what we’ll talk to our customers about. Possess a real problem to resolve. People don’t simply have a company social problem, by itself. They have trouble with leaders the inability to interact with employees.

They have trouble with, maybe, people the inability to find the correct experts. Consider, what exactly are individuals communities? What exactly are individuals places that you want people, for your point, so that you can collide and discover one another? Possess a obvious purpose for why and how you would like your individuals to connect and interact.

Dux: Again, take a look. It’s an extraordinary platform. Like I stated, serendipitous collision. Maybe that’s a brand new hashtag.

Steve: There it’s, yeah.

Dux: Many thanks, Steve. It’s usually an enjoyment.

Steve: Thanks, Dux.

Dux: Thanks, everybody, for watching. Until the next, bye!