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Hey y’all! Dux Raymond Sy for AvePoint. I’d an opportunity to sit lower with Microsoft’s Anna Chu at Microsoft’s Tech Summit event in Sydney so we had an opportunity to chat about Microsoft’s Tech Community!

Dux: Anna!

Anna: Hey, how’s it going, Dux?

Dux: Good! This is actually the first Tech Summit Sydney. Your hometown, right?

Anna: This really is my hometown, yeah. It’s great to become back.

Dux: It’s just a little special for you personally.

Anna: It’s very special. I can’t let my team lower. I must demonstrate to them a great time, plus also provide them with an excellent IT pro experience at the Tech Summit, so it’s been really awesome, and I’m really happy that these MVPs switched out. We’d a lot of. We’ve had plenty of them staff the tech community both too. We’ve got some of these also assisting using their workshops. They’re doing such a fantastic job, so really looking forward to our MVPs here.


Dux: Anna, I understand you’ve spoken a great deal relating to this. From the very first time we spoken, I believe annually . 5 or more years back, concerning the community… How’s the city altered? I understand there’s tech community, there’s these occasions. How’s the evolution been?

Anna: It’s been really awesome, really. It’s so funny. It’s only been annually . 5. Since we’ve spoken, we’ve grown the city to 95,000. That’s around the Microsoft tech community. We i never thought that people would make it happen. I figured, “Oh, maybe it’d be nice to get at 100,000 by, you realize, in The month of january, Feb,” however i think we’re able to even make it happen by Christmas. Fingers entered. That will be…

Dux: That might be the very best present, right?

Anna: It might be the very best present. The very best present ever. But, yeah. It’s been really awesome to determine how it’s been evolving. Each one of these things interconnect with this occasions, if you consider the Microsoft tech community, where individuals from all across the globe are asking them questions and searching for news about Microsoft products, they’re also likely to our occasions. So, you want to make certain that the information that’s shared at individuals occasions, for example all of the decks, and all sorts of video content, can also be available that people view online. Especially because not everybody could make the time to these occasions.

Dux: The awesome factor is, there’s the engagement, there’s the networking, there’s the training on tech community, however, talking about learning. With Tech Academy, being a member of it now, there’s I’d say formalized learning, too.

Anna: Yeah, absolutely. Among the greatest challenges it pros have is only the quantity of stuff that they need to learn, and also the rapid pace, and never knowing whether what they’ve got is easily the most current or more-to-date learning path on their behalf. Kim’s done an excellent job of curating a lot of different learning pathways for this pros, whether it’s on Office 365, Microsoft 365, concentrating on deployment, and all sorts of a lot of other different topics. There are other in the future. We’re got so much more different sources, which is pulling from, it’s an aggregator. That’s one question I frequently get, is, “How may be the Microsoft Tech Academy different?” It’s that it is aggregating multiple sources with regards to learning content. It’s not necessary to simply visit each one of these different sites, you can easily visit one. It’s a 1-stop shop, so that you can discover that.

Dux: That’s awesome. For those watching, they haven’t registered, or they would like to take part in this awesome community, be that 95,999th person, where whenever they go and register?

Anna: They ought to visit

Dux: Anna, of course, it’s an enjoyment.

Anna: Pleasure of course. Thanks a lot, Dux.

Dux: Help you!