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On the newest edition of Dux Quax (mobile edition!), I required a trip with Microsoft’s Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint Dan Holme in conclusion the 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit! Obtain a front row seat once we discuss bulletins made in the summit, such as the new SharePoint Admin Center and listen to what Dan says about data peace of mind in Office 365, and Microsoft’s strategy continuing to move forward!

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Full Transcript

Dux: Hey, everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax mobile. We’re mobile today. I’m within the mothership with this good buddies Dan and Mark. And exactly why I’m here’s, boy, exactly what a Virtual Summit! To begin with, good job guys.

Dan: Thanks, man.

Dux: Awesome, awesome, So, Dan, I acquired to choose your mind here. So, what’s the first feedback following the Virtual Summit?

Dan: It’s been great. You realize, we’d our May fourth event this past year and individuals had high expectations relating to this one. You realize, could deliver new stuff, and i believe we did. Individuals are really excited and they’re excited we’re speaking towards the business worth of SharePoint and OneDrive.

Dux: And boy, that’s the factor, just searching in the social feedback and engagement and, you realize, at some point, I figured, “Man, this can trend on Twitter,” but we’ll see, maybe the coming year. But, overall, it’s good. Lots of good feedback, not just in the community but I’ve spoken to some customers too. For you personally, what is your opinion among the top bulletins everyone did that you simply think resonated perfectly, arrived perfectly to customers?

Dan: I believe among the big ones is exactly what we’re likely to allow anybody to begin automating by business processes to ensure that a company user who spots an issue within their organization or finds something that’s just not really smooth as possible, are now able to use SharePoint lists, PowerApps and Flow to actually take that tactic to another level. So, what we should announced was, amongst other things, that you could create forms and custom digital encounters with PowerApps and also have them appear right in the SharePoint list or library.

Dux: And that’s among the overarching messages I’m seeing, not only with SharePoint but over the ecosystem. I am talking about, two days ago at Build, boy, if everyone didn’t watch the sessions or keynotes at build, I recommend you want to funnel 9.

Dan: It had been a great event.

Dux: Yeah. Just searching in the keynote Satya, Joe Belfiore, Terry Myerson, but, you realize, you discuss one Microsoft, right, all of the technologies cooperating, there’s still a methods to go but you can observe how each one of these situations are uniting, you realize, with Microsoft Graph, and all sorts of so good stuff, with SharePoint and also the Virtual Summit a week ago, we’re seeing all of this.

Dan: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s exciting for all of us to determine it too because we all know that there has been occasions that there has been 2 or 3 solutions, even within Microsoft for any specific use situation, and today we have Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, that are driven by Azure and Dynamics however , service Office 365 and fasten to 3rd party services, that is another some of it, right, it isn’t just the truth that we’re one Microsoft, it’s the truth that we’re one everyone.

Dux: Yes. That’s true. Yeah, I am talking about, who would’ve considered boom tubing the Home windows Store.

Dan: Absolutely. You receive a PowerApp and you receive a PowerApp and you receive a Kinect.

Dux: Hey, hey, we want a meme for your. So, what else? So, you realize, the automation business process, using many of these technologies that, again, you’re empowering the company users, but from the outlook during, you realize, from your house an IT Admin, an origin for instance, what are the top goodness which was announced?

Dan: Well, I’ll let you know things i think will probably be typically the most popular and I’ll let you know things i think is an essential.

Dux: Okay.

Dan: Typically the most popular will probably be newest Sharepoint Admins Center because Admins happen to be residing in an Admin Center that merely didn’t provide them with use of each one of these settings and sites they desired to control and also the new Admin Center provides them this excellent, modern, list-like experience where they are able to see all of their sites, configure them and extremely have total control, in addition to have understanding of activity and important messages. It was once only accessible to Tenant Admins. So, that’s the most widely used. I believe, most likely, what’s the most crucial is a few of the work we’re doing to really enable a company to handle security better. Yeah, so, and that i mean you are aware how essential that is, right?

Dux: Sure, sure.

Dan: So, we spoken about a few things. Those that I believe are the most crucial are that we’re likely to be allowing people to host a vital, an file encryption type in Azure that’ll be accustomed to further secure their data and just what that enables that customer to complete is realize that whenever they ever leave Office 365, which obviously we don’t would like them to complete, they are able to revoke the important thing and also the service won’t have the data. It’s yet another good assurance of privacy.

Dux: Absolutely. And just how performs this tie into Hybrid for the reason that scenario?

Dan: Well, the client key pertains to Office 365. So, it doesn’t always directly connect with Hybrid, what it will do show within the cloud we iterating and innovating so rapidly, not only for business users, however for IT pros that they’re able to perform things within the cloud that merely aren’t possible on PRO. And it is one other reason why this, kind of, intelligent and incredibly dynamic security we have at work 365 is usually the best spot to place important company data.

Dux: Absolutely. So, I’m curious, right, like, clearly, many of the stuff you announced will be in the whole shebang during the last, I do not know, 12 several weeks or longer. What’s the choice making process? Like, would you take customer input or partner input or even the community to determine what you would like to produce next? How can you prioritize what features or what bets you’re likely to place?

Dan: Which was a very, great question. There’s clearly a lengthy listing of things you want to do also it really comes lower to prioritization. So we take all the feedback inputs you pointed out. We pay attention to customers on UserVoice, we communicate with customers directly through occasions like Ignite and thru our field. We’ve our very own proper making decisions and type of thought leadership because we have seen directions that people will go that buyers have no idea consider yet.

Dux: Exactly, like, we have no idea what we should have no idea.

Dan: Right, exactly. So, we take all individuals inputs together and see in regards to a year ahead of time what our plan of action will probably be and just what the priorities are suitable for next season.

Dux: Now, could it be harder? Like, now, you’ve each one of these channels that individuals can communicate, like from UserVoice to Twitter to even Facebook. Right? I am talking about, I see a few of the Facebook posts, “Why have you put this or why’d you place that?” Does making it harder?

Dan: NO, It causes it to be simpler because there’s a lot transparency between what’s happening in customers and what’s happening with this product team that we’re really capable of making better decisions. It will help a great deal.

Dux: As well as the roadmap you publish, right, like, lots of customers, a minimum of the shoppers Sometimes with, large enterprises, government it normally won’t learn about that roadmap. So when I stated, ” It’s there.” They’re going, “Wow, like they’re really publishing this, letting us know?” I am going, “Yeah.”

Mark: Filter lower on SharePoint…

Dan: Yeah.

Dux: Actually.

Dan: You have it, Yeah. Actually, we simply released a lot of stuff in to the roadmap, which should you visit it’s really diverse from it had been two days ago. it’s a completely new, awesome new roadmap tool behind the curtain and Microsoft is actually leading so far as how transparent it’s about our roadmap. We would like our customers so that you can make informed decisions as rapidly as you possibly can. So, we attempt to provide guidance wherever we are able to as soon as possible.

Dux: So, okay. So, you spoken about a few of the major bulletins, important…especially, the Admin Center, for you personally what’s your preferred, what’s the favourite factor everyone announced or spoken about or did throughout the Virtual Summit?

Dan: For me personally, it’s most likely what we’re doing with OneDrive because when I, like nearly everybody who’s most likely watching, I perform a large amount of use files. And thus having the ability to use files when needed, to determine our files right within explorer without having to be worried about opening a internet browser or other things, it’s juts there if you don’t take up any disc space, it’s type of magical in my experience. After which so that you can right-click and share personal files and from Explorer and become carrying out a, you realize, proper single-source of…

Dux: 100%.

Dan: Share from OneDrive or SharePoint is amazing.

Dux: Just like you, especially things i saw at Build, I can’t watch for Project Roam, you realize, cloud…

Dan: Yeah, that is amazing.

Dux: A clipboard cloud. They ought to refer to it as “Clipboard “as something, you realize.

Mark: It ought to be “Clippy” like a service.

Dux: I do not know about…

Dan: Go Clippy, go Clippy.

Dux: Would you work with marketing? But…

Mark: I’ll be used lower soon.

Dux: No, no, no. Yeah, yeah I am talking about, each one of these innovations are simply exciting. At this point you, I spoken with a customers relating to this already, they’re going, “Well, I’ve an Android, I’ve an Apple or iPhone.” I’ve an apple iphone. I am going, “It makes no difference.” Right? No matter.

Mark: Right. We are saying, “Yes.”

Dux: Awesome.

Dan: yeah, we all do. Actually, allow me to demonstrate something. I’ll show it towards the camera so everybody can easily see it. The factor which i find most amazing about Microsoft nowadays is the proven fact that we actually worry about, you realize, allowing you to work wherever you’re. You realize, There is most likely 24 Microsoft applications across two screens on my small iPhone.

Dux: There you have it.

Dan: And it is incredible.

Dux: You realize, if my spouse sees your phone, she’ll be upset because, “How come you’ve each one of these unread messages?” She can’t stand that. Anyway, Dan, appreciate your insights. You realize, truly the Virtual Summit was awesome. I can’t wait to determine more goodness and, the coming year, everyone need to trend on Twitter. I say to you.

Dan: We will certainly. Thank you for letting me appear and disappear for any ride and thank you for not killing me on the way.

Dux: No, no, no, we’re good. Thanks, mister.

Dan: Thanks, man.

Dux: Okay, ciao, bye.

Dan: Bye.