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Hey y’all! Dux for another edition of Dux Quax from Microsoft Tech Summit Sydney. I’m here with Kim Kischel, Product Marketing Manager for Office 365 with Microsoft. Come along once we talk about Microsoft Tech Community, Tech Academy and much more!

Dux: Hey, everyone. I’m at Microsoft Tech Summit Sydney.

Kim: I’m Kim.

Dux: Kim! Why must people take a look at Tech Academy? What’s Tech Academy?

Kim: Tech Academy is a-new platform that people launched about last month. Consider it as an aggregator its our different IT pro learning platforms. Whether it’s Funnel 9, Microsoft Mechanics, we’re essentially getting them together in a single place with curated learning pathways and every one of the person products inside a content library. If you wish to stay current using the cloud, here’s your one spot to go.

Dux: Awesome. Just how can people reach Tech Academy? Will they visit it alone, or visit Tech Community? How can they be there?

Kim: Both work. We’re integrated using the Tech Community, that is amazing. If you are already registered there, you have a free account around, too. We’re within the same menu bar. Just take a look. Visit or visit, and you’ll always find us.

Dux: Awesome. Of course, thanks, Kim.

Kim: Yeah, thanks.

Dux: Help you!