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Within my Microsoft Tech Summit Electricity OneDrive presentation, I had been requested if shared URLs ongoing to operate if your document was moved. With the aid of the crowd, I could give a tentative answer (Yes) but deferred to supply a definite until Used to do some investigation.

Using the release SharePoint 2016, Microsoft added a brand new feature known as Durable Links. Durable links enable users to talk about a document from the SharePoint library and realize that whether or not the item will get moved (take a look at our recent blog publish concerning the Move feature), the URL which was sent using the share is still effective. Before feature, should you moved a document any links into it broke.

  • Bookmarks in someone’s browser? Dead.
  • Tabs inside a website? Busted.
  • URLs within an email? Unusable.

Durable links fix this.

Technically, a sturdy Link works using a unique ID allotted to each document. As explained by Bill Baer in 2015, when Durable Links were announced in preview, the document ID is incorporated within the URL so it does not matter in which the document lives, or maybe the name is altered, it’ll still load.  It offers an abstract layer between your architecture of the sites and libraries and also the document itself.

SharePoint links
Credit: Bill Baer of Microsoft

Today, this isn’t news – however this was huge if this arrived on the scene. At that time, this selection ensured ongoing use of documents regardless of the name and placement. It improved Search engine optimization and check indexes because a general change in the file name or its location DIDN’T require a general change in the document pointer. It will, however, require activation.

Durable Links are managed by way of the Document ID service which must be activated to begin Collection level. If you are a website Collection Administrator (SCA), it’s very easy: Site Settings &gt Site Collection Features &gt Document ID Service” … click activate and you’re done. This really is great! But there is a catch.


If you are an SCA or Farm Administrator, you might have observed it. This can be a Site Collection setting. Therefore it’s held in that website Collection’s content database. Are you currently following here?

For that non-technical: by design, Durable Links only work when the content stays inside a site collection.

Should you move files in your site collection (e.g., your department site), as well as your SCA has switched around the Document ID service, your Durable Links could save you here. If you’re moving your articles to a different site collection (for example another project or department), or maybe your SCA hasn’t switched this on, you’re at a complete loss.

But exactly how performs this connect with OneDrive? Remember, your OneDrive for Internet site is only a SharePoint site. Technically, a SharePoint Site Collection and you’re its SCA. So, if you wish to setup the Document ID service, you are able to. Switch on the service in your site collection and move documents in your site collection for your heart’s content. Realize that the Durable Links will make sure individuals who you share the URL with will still be in a position to view your documents.

Just bear in mind, should you move your documents to some project site in order to another person’s OneDrive, the Durable Links won’t assist you to so you’ll need to re-share the document.

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