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With each and every discharge of an item, we try to build functionality that fits and anticipates the ever altering requirements of our customers. This demands we adapt when new methods for working develop, we collaborate with other people to resolve complex market needs and, most significantly, we pay attention to customer comments to make certain the answer they’ve committed to is constantly on the address their demands.

Operating pack 8 of DocAve, our on premise and hybrid SharePoint management platform, we looked hitting all of these points. The outcomes? Two exciting integrations and extended support for hybrid and SharePoint Server 2016!

  • Securely Deploy Customizations with DocAve and SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)
  • Backup and Restore NetApp Systems with snapshots using DocAve and SnapManager for SharePoint (SMSP)
  • Extend Support for Hybrid Management and SharePoint 2016 with DocAve

The Marketplace Need: While DocAve Deployment Manager’s job is, partly, to deploy customizations from the source SharePoint atmosphere to some destination SharePoint atmosphere, problems can arise when the destination doesn’t permit the type of personalization being deployed. This is particularly concerning if you’re moving forward premise customizations to Office 365. Additionally many organizations seek to guarantee the excellence of the personalization code being deployed in their deployments, and would like to make certain it adheres both to SharePoint guidelines and, potentially governance rules inside the organization.

The Answer: Cue in Rencore’s SharePoint Code Anlaysis Framework (SPCAF). Through integration with Deployment Manager, SPCAF can scan selected farm solutions and identify potential issues and risks for your atmosphere, operational processes and knowledge. Which means you can better assess code quality, dependencies, and compliance together with your policies, before you decide to deploy.

DocAve 6.8 - Select Farm Solutions through DocAve and then Run SPCAF report
Select Farm Solutions through DocAve after which run SPCAF report

DocAve 6.8 - Sample SPCAF report generated through DocAve
Sample SPCAF report generated through DocAve

The Marketplace Need: When you are searching for any backup solution, what matters most is versatility to satisfy your restoration SLA’s and comprehensiveness to capture all your data. When you are attempting to recover lost data—whether just one document or perhaps your entire infrastructure—what matters most is that you can to simply find the correct data out of your backup storage after which restore it rapidly.

The Answer: Within this release, DocAve’s Backup and Restore and Availability modules expand to supply that comprehensiveness and versatility to NetApp Systems. Additionally, DocAve now supports recovery using snapshots through integration with NetApp’s SnapManager for SharePoint. What this means is considerably faster recovery occasions for granular, platform, and availability scenarios.

Wait, what’s an overview why is it faster? The bottom line is, DocAve results in a NetApp System backup by leveraging SnapMirror or SnapVault to produce and store data like a snapshot. When recovery is essential, DocAve generates a catalog that enables for restoration from that snapshot, rather of the stream of information.

DocAve 6.8 Create new NetApp Physical Device
Create new NetApp Physical Device

DocAve 6.8 Updated Platform backup and restore form interface
Updated Platform Backup and Restore Form Interface


Recognizing that-in cloud isn’t the right deployment for everybody, Microsoft makes strides within their investments to supply a better hybrid experience for finish users and managers. This really is apparent using the discharge of cloud-born SharePoint Server 2016, and the commitment of unified Managed Metadata, auditing and taxonomy in Feature Pack 1. Within this DocAve release, we continue our very own investments in SharePoint Server 2016 and hybrid support, building on customer comments and toward an identical vision of supplying IT pros having a seamless hybrid management experience.

  • SharePoint Server to Office 365 One-way Real-time Replication: This accessory for the DocAve Replicator module lets managers replicate content and Nintex Workflows one-way from SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016 to Office 365.
  • Mix-SharePoint Version Publishing: Another addition designed to the DocAve Replicator module lets managers configure business rules that permit finish users to write happy to sites, libraries, and lists across different SharePoint versions (SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365).
  • Find Damaged Links on SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online: This accessory for the DocAve Administrator module extends this pre-existing SharePoint Server function to SharePoint Online—letting you effectively comb site collections, sites, and subsites for damaged links across hybrid deployments.
  • Exercise between Sites on SharePoint 2016 and Office 365: DocAve Content Manager now supports other document format (ODF), special figures, image and video previews, resource based URLs, site folder views, sites page pinning, and document libraries ease of access.

Try the most recent features put into DocAve 6.8 having a free thirty day trial or personalized product demonstration.

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