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Hey all! I lately had the pleasure of answering some Office 365 backup questions with respect to Risa AS in the Breakfast Club in Stavenger. Here’s the small Q&ampA in written form for the reference!

1. What role does your entire day-to-day position play inside your organization’s modern workplace?

I’m accountable for IT at Risa. I’m responsible for from phones to software to platforms for collaboration. My job is about making certain that Risa is in front of the digital curve.

Naturally, backup plays a significant component within my role. Everyone expects IT so that you can restore nearly data they might lose. My job is essentially to demonstrate them right ?.

2. Do you know us a little about where Risa Out of the box in the Office 365 journey? 

Risa adapted to Office 365 pretty much (departing out other options did help, obviously!). I’d repeat the most challenging part of your way was the inability to connect to the application suite natively. We don’t positively use OneDrive sync, therefore the mindset to visit the net for everything must be set. We had arrived using SharePoint On-Premises prior to the migration, however, therefore it wasn’t a totally unfamiliar concept.

Go forward to today and we’re 100% at work 365 and Azure. We’ve managed to become completely cloud-first organization. Employees have access to all the Office 365 applications from their browsers. Including SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, Skype for Business, etc. We just began using Power BI.

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3. Using the adoption of Office 365, what critical needs brought you to definitely seek another-party solution provider for backup?

The power so that you can restore anytime is a big advantage for all of us. We produce lots of content constantly, so getting limitless backup for those our needs was essential. We especially desired to avoid any accidental deletion brought on by users.

We must be completely sure we didn’t lose data during our 100% proceed to the cloud. We didn’t believe that the out-of-the-box solutions gave us that, therefore we had to locate a 3rd party vendor. This led to us selecting AvePoint and getting them add more features for their Cloud Backup means to fix accommodate us.

Another key reason was security. The leaderboard wouldn’t approve our proceed to Office 365 with no solid backup and restore solution in position. Considering that i was moving something to Office 365, we would have liked the safety of understanding that our data could be safely maintained by AvePoint. We loved that people could retrieve everything from yesterday or 10 years ago.

Figure 1. AvePoint can address everything under “Customer Responsibilities.”

4. Just how much data are you currently positively copying?

Right we now have 4TB of information in Exchange and 1TB in SharePoint Online across 500 users.

5. What’s your present retention policy?

It’s presently set to no more than 93 days.

About Risa AS

Risa AS, the main subsidiary of Risa Group, is really a Norwegian contracting company with an array of services within infrastructure solutions.

Types of our services are road and groundworks including tunnels, creating infrastructure inside the energy industry, water and drainage solutions, and road maintenance (including wintertime services). Our services likewise incorporate rock protection and railway infrastructure. Recently we’ve also provide established specialized competence inside the destruction space along with other atmosphere-related services.

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