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There’s without doubt that we’re in the center of case of historic significance: using the quickly escalating harshness of COVID-19 situation on national and global level, Singapore Government declared to enforce strict “circuit breaker” counter measures to combat COVID-19, that will work until fourth May 2020.

AvePoint Singapore, being an essential company for private and public sector alike in APAC region, remains functioning from strict work-from-home basis. Customer site/office visitation rights work on an important services basis while sticking to some strict safety protocols once the situation requires.

The safety and health of AvePoint staff, their loved ones people, as well as their communities are surface of mind for AvePoint management team. My team and that i have been in contact sync calls with each other to make sure our employees feel safe and supported to do in their best capacity for everyone our valued customers and partners.

When I pointed out within the previous update letter, AvePoint workforce has accepted Microsoft cloud technology from the couple of in the past and rapidly established the positioning of thought leader within the field. AvePoint people make use of the scalability and versatility of remote work thanks to Microsoft cloud to get together using their teammates, customers and partners using their homes – much like they also have done this at work.

Like a co-founder/Chief executive officer of the incredible global team, I’m constantly amazed and humbled by the work they do. They create informed decisions rapidly, exchange their opinions freely to achieve towards the best result, and provide support to one another around the cloud platform.

AvePoint workers are true embodiment in our company core values: agility, working together and fervour. Nothing makes me prouder and much more humbled to witness their determination to help keep serving the shoppers using their expertise with the aid of their teammates.

A number of our online campaigns to allow our people to are more effective everywhere &amp anytime originates from our field people, who has worked with this customers carefully to assist them to overcome their discomfort-points. Uncertain and anxious the problem may be, AvePoint people are pushing forward courageously to assist our people to move ahead, concentrating on what we should can control to the very best of our professional abilities.

Hopefully what we should offer is needed your safety, business continuity, and development of a much better future for your community. #SGUnited


AvePoint Co-Chief executive officer and Co-Founder