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As increasing numbers of organizations evaluate software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, buyers need not only to compare features, but the core cloud platforms which they sit.

It’s an arduous and costly journey to build up a higher-quality cloud architecture that supports users’ security and operational needs. Frankly, many vendors just scrimp and we do hope you don’t notice.

It’s the current day same as purchasing a flashy group of clothes simply to uncover these were created using cheap materials and also have break within the first wash. Both scenarios involve buyer’s remorse, however when purchasing SaaS solutions the stakes are far greater.

Listed here are the eight areas you need to pay attention to when looking for the caliber of SaaS solutions.

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Be skeptical if you notice any Office 365 vendor bypass or minimize the significance of these areas throughout their presentation—it’s a large warning sign their SaaS is simply too immature to aid business critical workloads that need fundamental security controls.

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Does your SaaS vendor only support one cloud instance? If that’s the case, you may be at a complete loss and not able to gain access to your computer data in the event that region goes lower. Where that cloud instance is situated could be essential as well in case your organization must be compliant with data soverignty rules.

Multiple instances creates regional redundancy and cloud service resiliency, and that’s why AvePoint has had the steps needed because of its SaaS solutions to be shown in 11 different global cloud instances. Including our latest locations in Germany, France, and China, in addition to FedRamp certified Government data centers.

Frankly, many vendors just scrimp and we do hope you don’t notice. Click To Tweet

This are visible in the 99.5% availability and uptime we could support supported by Microsoft Azure and world-class support.

AvePoint’s SaaS solutions are deployed towards the same data centers as Office 365 making certain user demands, forms along with other interfaces possess the best performance. By leveraging the Azure Cloud Services platforms our user-facing demands can scale as much as leverage an limitless quantity of servers dynamically to satisfy demand.

Frequent releases along with a smooth update process ensures the most recent security patches are set up, reported issues are rapidly fixed and time for you to innovation is reduced.

AvePoint employs DevOp and Agile methodology to handle the upgrade, testing, and release process for those customers, making certain each account is maintained on the common base of code. This enables us to become more agile and release updates more other vendors.

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Additionally, we leverage Azure micro services architecture, therefore we could achieve tenant level live patching and tenant level release ring protection across our multi-tenant SaaS platform, this sort of maturity and scalability in seamless platform updates is really a business must requirement of today’s high primary Cloud production environments.

A core question to inquire about your SaaS vendor is when easy could it be to integrate their solution along with other systems? How difficult could it be to increase the answer and make custom actions for that unique requirements of your business?

AvePoint SaaS solutions for instance permit you to perform customizations with low code scriptable actions with no code integration along with other systems.

When you’re leveraging the SaaS solutions of the vendor, you’re inheriting their commitment level to business security. Certifications and standards like FedRAMP and ISO 27001 are essential indicators that the SaaS vendor is fully dedicated to the safety of the solutions.

This will be significant as security (in technology, process, and individuals) are surface of mind needs not just for that Cloud platform providers, but in addition for all and then any third-party Cloud solution providers.

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Another useful question to determine your SaaS vendor’s persistence for security is exactly what degree of access they need to your computer data. For instance, AvePoint leverages Azure Key Vault to supply unique file encryption keys for every tenant that is a member of each client to avoid unauthorized access.

We give our customers the versatility decide their very own data storage or authentication with Office 365 credentials. Quite simply, we permit BYOS (Take The Own Storage), BYOK (Take The Own Key), and BYOA (Take The Own Authentication).

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Can your SaaS vendor support their deployment in on-premise, hybrid and all sorts of-in cloud environments? Legacy vendors may have immature SaaS solutions that aren’t fully ready for that cloud whereas more youthful more immature vendors might have been born within the cloud but can’t fully cover hybrid deployments.

If you’re getting challenge with applying or configuring your SaaS solution, regardless of how easy it might be, you have to safeguard yourself against Murphy’s Law and demand 24/7 global support.  Be certain to also inquire if your SaaS vendor has customer success focus, and yet, possess a global customer success organization whose primary KPI is dependant on your effective deployment.

A good SaaS vendor may have multiple licensing choices to make their solutions simple to buy. There’s no requirement for large upfront expenses or complex prices. The very best SaaS vendors can also get modular use of functionality to deal with specific customer needs, flexible user adoption increase schedules, as well as lower to flexible monthly, quarterly, to yearly contract plans. Again, operational expediency and client satisfaction should manifest in SaaS vendor’s licensing versatility.

For instance, AvePoint not just provides an limitless quantity of cloud backup priced per user but we present an limitless quantity of users and cost per quantity of backup needed.

Among the great the best-selling cloud is it lets smaller sized companies contend with competent players. However, there are specific risks surrounding continuity and product innovation that include leveraging SaaS solutions from smaller sized, more youthful companies.

Enterprises have complex and nuanced IT system and knowledge deployment setups and integration needs, planning for a smooth transition to Cloud, managing hybrid scenarios as the entire organization evolves to consider to new digital transformation initiatives, are the types useful cases industry encounters and enterprise level know-just how can truly be invaluable.

If this sounds like essential for your business, you need to investigate your vendor’s background and “industry cred.”

  • What awards they have won? (We’ve won a couple of)
  • Will they employ any Microsoft Regional Company directors or MVPs? (AvePoint has 2 and 5 correspondingly)
  • Could they be on any Microsoft Product Advisory Councils? (AvePoint sits on 4)
  • What associations will they participate and lead? (For instance, AvePoint continues to be very associated with IAPP along with other relevant organizations)
  • What analyst reports could they be pointed out in? (Take a look at exactly what the analysts say about us)

Don’t think that all Office 365 SaaS is produced equal. Leveraging an immature solution can make headaches that may be easily prevented at the start of the decision making process / vendor buying process.

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