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For anybody a new comer to using Office 365, it’s really a bit overwhelming to be aware what tools to make use of so when for their services. There are plenty of applications and virtual workspaces available that knowing where you can store, manage, and make files and collaborate with colleagues can seem to be daunting as you would expect. The aim of this informative guide is to supply a convenient one-stop-look for what Office 365 tools to make use of so when. Let’s dive in it!

Facilitate Working together with Microsoft Teams

As it would seem, Microsoft Teams is how much of your day-to-day working together with colleagues will occur. We’ve spoken in the past posts concerning the architecture of Microsoft Teams, but let’s highlight a few of the key things you need to know being an everyday user.

Connect and Collaborate

The very first factor that sticks out about Microsoft Teams is the best way to communicate effectively with anybody inside your organization. With chat, call, and meeting abilities, it makes it simple to possess a focus for where you can collaborate.

With SharePoint and Stream around the backend, file discussing and content collaboration becomes much more convenient. Stream enables Teams conferences to become recorded and on-demand whenever users need them, that is ingenious with regards to situations like customer engagements, developer/product conferences, and much more. With SharePoint, users can share files and collaborate on work without having to be worried about version history issues to see live edits.

Chat Abilities

For everyday use, where Microsoft Teams truly shines is its chat abilities. May it be 1:1 or group chat, you should use Teams to possess convenient conversations with anybody you’ll need. This can help get users from email and offers more immediate responses. Additionally, it supports persistent chat so that you can always refer to previous conversations, see what files were shared for reference, etc.

The strength of the Microsoft Teams Platform

Microsoft Teams is definitely an especially effective platform because it’s integrated along with other Office 365 apps like Stream and Planner, and can also be extended and customised to incorporate 3rd party apps and existing systems for example JIRA. Due to these integrations, you can engage in bots and connectors that may truly make Microsoft Teams the woking platform that all of your other work is dependant on. For instance, should you desired to submit or track a JIRA request, you are able to generate a connector so that you can keep it in check through Microsoft Teams.

Example: JIRA connector.

Yammer: Corporate Communication and Understanding Discussing

While Microsoft Teams concentrates on working together and day-to-day collaboration, Yammer should mainly be utilized for company-wide bulletins and understanding discussing between departments. The mix-department communication abilities are specifically helpful day-to-day. We lately were built with a web seminar in which the Belgium Police described the way they could apprehend a graffiti artist who had been moving in one region of the nation to another by getting mix-departmental communication in Yammer.

Org-wide communication

For company-wide communication, Yammer is fantastic for hosting town halls and bulletins on any new developments inside the organization. For instance, we at AvePoint particularly possess a Yammer community known as “Town Hall” where we host all of our quarterly org-wide conversations and bulletins.

Yammer Communities

Using the new Yammer communities, you are able to gather areas of the organization that could otherwise not have access to linked to cohesively. The communities can vary from the product space for sales and developers, to some space focused regarding how to position products in marketing and advertising, to a community created to share and cultivate company culture.

SharePoint: Department Intranet and Document Library

At its core, SharePoint is really a document management platform for organizations. This allows departments and groups of any size to keep, organize, and collaborate on all of their information and content. Together with as being a platform for document management, it is also utilized being an intranet site for the whole organization to localize all their content and sources.

microsoft teams
A good example of exactly what a department’s SharePoint site look like.

Department’s Intranet

Using SharePoint being an intranet is among the most ingenious applications for departmental use. By developing a SharePoint site for hosting information and content within an organized way, it allows any worker, new hire or old, to locate what they desire in a single location. (Out of the box observed in the instance above.)

Organization’s Intranet

microsoft teams
Make sure to share this web site and chart with co-workers to boost your personal organization’s communication!

Being an organization’s intranet, SharePoint is really a effective and convenient way to produce a hub for worker needs. You can use it like a launchpad with other departments’ intranet sites or any other information like internal sources from HR and customer enablement content.

Collaboration: In Whatever Way You’ll Need at work 365

That’s it! The 3 key methods to collaborate at work 365. From company-wide communication to at least one:1 chat, there’s numerous ways you can work done. If you are an IT admin and also you want to understand more about staying away from Teams sprawl or exterior sources, make sure to take a look at our sources!

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