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Office 365 Groups with Microsoft's Christophe Fiessinger &amp MVP Dux Raymond Sy
Office 365 Groups with Microsoft’s Christophe Fiessinger &amp MVP Dux Raymond Sy

Hi ya’ll! Happy Year and happy 2017! To be sure, I’ve been traveling all over the world ending up in people using Office 365 Groups. Many are already rocking by helping cover their features like Planner and Microsoft Teams while some continue to be attempting to fit Groups to their broader collaboration picture. Because the kids say, “the struggle is real” for many folks trying to puzzle out when you should use what inside Office 365.

So, I made the decision that alone who’s likely to help get everybody aboard may be the man behind the curtain, Microsoft’s own Christophe Fiessinger, Program Manager for Office 365 Groups!

I must say I had been stoked to listen to concerning the latest in Groups from Christophe, and what’s better still is the fact that I will share it along with you all! Don’t miss another of the exclusive take a look at behind the curtain of Office 365 Groups!

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If fifteen minutes wasn’t enough that you should find out about Office 365 Groups or you have questions you’ll need answering, join Christophe and that i, together with our good buddy Jeremy Thake (@jthake), to have an hour lengthy web seminar.

Take the questions and get professionals within our interactive, question-and-answer session covering:

  • An introduction to what Office 365 Groups are, the way they work, and what you’ll get whenever you set one up
  • Use cases and customer tales showcasing the best way to use Office 365 Groups to power your teams and projects
  • Prescriptive suggestions about the way your IT and governance teams can manage Office 365 within the era of Office 365 Groups

Through the finish in our web seminar, you’ll learn what Office 365 Groups are and also the impact that activating them might have in your organization.

Office 365 Groups webinar

Dux: Hey everyone, thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax. It’s an attractive day within Redmond, mom ship. Do you not think, Christophe?

Christophe: Beautiful day in Redmond…

Dux: Yeah, which is an ordinary day. But so excited to get along with Christophe here. So Christophe, why do you not introduce yourself, tell everyone how you’re altering the planet?

Christophe: That’s a bold introduction. But hello everybody, I’m Christophe Fiessinger, I’m around the Office 365 Groups services team, and I know you learned about Groups. And I’m a course manager with that team.

Dux: So Groups, I suppose you’re typically the most popular kid in campus nowadays, huh?

Christophe: It’s definitely…it was interesting in my experience lots of customers and partners at Ignite in Atlanta where maybe last year people think it is a test from Redmond, and therefore are we dedicated to that, now that SharePoint integrates with Groups, Yammer soon, and today using the Teams announcement, a minimum of people realize that we’re seriously interested in helping people collaborate.

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Dux: And I know there’s enough detailed information online already available around Groups, people look up, but let’s arrive at the crux from the conversation here. Whoever else heard and observed in observation since Groups arrived on the scene? Like I know you speak with customers, speak with partners, speak with MVPs. What sort of, I’d say, behavior or responses are you currently getting?

Christophe: I am talking about, I have seen all shades of grey. I believe overall, especially now speaking to fellow MVPs which are our very best and brightest, around the frontline, quite a bit of people the worth that people did. There have been lots of friction previously, lots of silos to actually help someone get began and operate a project. Whether it’s each day project, per week project, or perhaps a six-month project. So people the worth with this.

In addition, there’s lots of questions and potentially tension of, “Okay, I recieve where you’re heading, but my…where shall we be held today? I’m on premises or I begin with a SharePoint diploma or I began with distribution group. So how do you rendezvous or potentially move a number of individuals stuff that I already committed to, into that ” new world ” that Microsoft is purchasing?

Dux: So talking about that, existing investments, I know there’s lots of customers available that could have previously checked out the cloud or they might be there, however typically, each one of these workloads, from SharePoint to switch for email, even IM and all sorts of other workloads, typically it’s different pockets of folks that purchased it and have the effect of it. As well as Groups, Groups is much like the all-knowing, consistent keychain that ties everything together. Just how should people consider that, and just how should, I guess…they should arrange for it within their organizations to really make it work?

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Christophe: So two solutions, I’ll provide you with the quick one. Hopefully users don’t need to bother about that. If Christophe must collaborate along with you, Dux, who isn’t a part of my active directory, and we have to focus on an exhibition, have a few conferences, try taking some notes, hopefully it ought to be seamless to create Dux in, and we make use of the different apps to obtain work done.

From your IT perspective, what I have seen lately or in the past year approximately, is typically IT, for the best reason, were organized by applications. You’d the SharePoint admin, the Exchange admin…

Dux: The safety team, yes.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”A2eqW” via=”no” ]”Groups may be the glue for those #office365. Evaluate which governance means across all your services.” @cfiessinger [/ctt]

Christophe: …the security team, certainly an energetic directory person. So that as you pointed out, since Groups is much like that glue, that substrate across all individuals workloads, I’ve been telling customers, or at best after i speak with IT, if I’m speaking towards the active directory person that’s speaking about policies and small-conventions, it’s like, “Okay, great, great discussion, but please generate your SharePoint admin for those who have one, or perhaps your Exchange admin for those who have one, your area manager from Yammer for those who have one,” and so on because that glue is tying all individuals services. And That I wanna make certain everyone agree with exactly what does governance mean for “Contoso”, from both active directory lower to, your house, a credit card applicatoin at SharePoint.

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Dux: And from that perspective, clearly it’s a large transfer of how people work and individuals operate, however i think increasingly more in the finish during the day, when we start considering this way, we’ve that group mindset by itself, I believe within the finish the knowledge could be far better for finish users in the industry, but it isn’t destined to be this siloed initiative, “Hey, we’re launching SharePoint, hey, we’re upgrading email.” However there’s this consistent thread, because when users, I personally use each one of these items to get my work done.

Christophe: You’re a sophisticated user, so you’re special. You’re an electrical user.

Dux: Okay, I’m an electrical user. That’s what my mother states, I’m special.

Christophe: No, however i agree, like it’s this journey where we certainly wanna delight you making people’s lives simpler, whether it’s building a project, managing a team, or perhaps a community of interests or community of practice. However I see we consider differentiators in the past being Microsoft to be, make certain we provide you with all of the controls, the safety and trust, particularly with the clouds. And thus it’s this journey where we wanna allow it to be simpler and change from the folks that manage round the hook, day in, day trip, to function the help, but clearly begin by delighting you.

Because one factor that I’ve learned after i was around the Yammer team is, sure, you are able to build all of the toggles to manage things, but in the finish during the day, if users aren’t gonna utilize it, all of a sudden you wasted lots of money into stuff that aren’t gonna delight users and they’re using third-party, shadow IT after which you have a larger problem.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”22gb0″ via=”no” ]”You can take shape toggles to manage #Office365, but when users don’t utilize it, you wasted lots of money.” @cfiessinger[/ctt]

Dux: So Christophe, I’ve known you for any lengthy time, right? We’ve known one another, I’d say, ten years now. A minimum of that’s the very first time I met you. But do you consider your background in most these different technologies and various roles, assist you to shape your opinions, especially your role today in Groups? Since you were with Project at some point, right? And Yammer, after which I know you’ve done lots of other things previously.

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Christophe: It really has. I think…it’s correct that I began on Project, on Project Server, before which i is at talking to. I believe that perhaps it’s my very own motto which i wanna keep learning every single day. And That I don’t think, like what we should say, to 1 size…yeah, I pointed out a week ago that people don’t think one-size-fits-all for collaboration. And again, basically rewind to after i began my career, where it had been a 1-page memo, which was the best way to make decision. You printed it and religiously you have signatures from everybody. Hopefully everybody check. Should you didn’t check, you’d to visit redo it again.

Therefore i don’t think one-size-fits-all. You have to give a modern tool that individuals can certainly use.

So on the way after i was on Project or after i what food was in Yammer or later with Groups, I usually learned something. I believe one factor which i learned with Yammer, to this perception of toggles, is that you simply really reached delight the finish users and supply value before you begin considering putting lots of controls and toggles and fancy UI. And often the…what you thought will be a good UI, a great experience, which not correct whenever you take a look at how users make use of your product, for this reason I had been making fun individuals that we are power users, we certainly come with an opinion, but we may not be associated with what 80%…how people collaborate.

Dux: But that’s okay, right? Like I viewed the launch of Teams. You had been speaking about Teams, and also you discuss it isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s a toolbox, and clearly people elevated questions when Teams was announced. Like, “Oh, another tool,” right?

Christophe: Yeah.

Dux: But the way you think about…or a minimum of generate income would tell customers once they ask me, and so i question them like…let’s take Microsoft ‘office’. Today we don’t consider it, “Do I produce a table in Word, or Stand out, or Access?”

Christophe: Or OneNote.

Dux: Or OneNote, yeah. We simply know.

Christophe: Or Sway.

Dux: Or Sway. No, it isn’t destined to be perfect, right? There’s always that certain part of the organization that produces their tables in Word, right? So we can’t sort it. But that’s okay. After which I believe with all of these technologies, that’s the mindset we ought to progress with. I really like my email. I know you like your email too to some extent, and that’s okay. However these modern methods for working, like Teams, for instance, we’d a fast conversation, it’s ideal for teams literally which are fast-paced, cooperating, feedback, speaking, thumbs up, emojis, it’s great. But when that does not work, that’s okay too.

Christophe: So a few things. Teams, typically, we have to say is for top-velocity team. And just what we mean with that, so that you can provide you with a concrete example, like perhaps a group of traders that perhaps exchange goods, and perhaps we are buying and selling whatever, coal, oil, whatever, we most likely possess a second screen experience, when i state, “Dux, are you currently going low or high on coal or whatever? Blah-blah-blah.” And again, that second screen experience, we do not have time for you to send email, it’s split seconds like thumbs up, thumbs lower, yada yada yada.

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Office 365 Groups vs Microsoft Teams free webinar

Or any other example that you’ve seen on television, where if I’m focusing on the coverage from the newspaper for tomorrow, or There is to shut my editorial, I want the picture or perhaps your editorial in order to close my cover page in order to visit the press, I do not have enough time to say…

Dux: To create a pleasant email or perhaps a Word doc or…

Christophe: Maybe I would perform a nice email later on for a fantastic job along with a great cover we did, however in as soon as I do not have enough time for your. And it is a lot like, Christophe being European or possibly just being Christophe with Latin bloodstream, many of the time I’m impatient. What exactly I actually do is, sure, I’m able to use…

Dux: You, impatient?

Christophe: Don’t tell my spouse.

Dux: Okay.

Christophe: She already knows.

What I actually do is, yes, I personally use email, yes, I personally use Yammer to broadcast big announcement across the organization. A great deal time things i do is I really take a look at presence. And when the individual is eco-friendly, meaning available, it’s like, maybe it’s okay, you’re likely to type, “Can you talk?” And since I’m old-fashioned, I simply perform a traditional-fashioned voice call for you making decisions or settle a quarrel. Yes, I possibly could type an e-mail, yes, I’m able to use Yammer, yes, I’m able to use Teams, but may some thing immediate, much more urgent than typing, it’s traditional-fashioned speaking.

Dux: I am talking about, a week ago, right, I texted you, “Hey, Christophe, are you able to talk?” And you pinged me on Skype, “Okay, let’s Skype.” But we all know, we inherently know. As well as in your own lives, we text, we message on consumer tools like Facebook, and that’s fine.

Christophe: Yeah. It’s funny because that’s even the example I personally use after i speak with an managers. They are saying, “Oh, we’ll block Groups. It’s like, okay, you actually can and also you obtain the tools and you may block it. However in 2020, 50% from the labor within the U.S. is going to be millennials. So, I do not determine if you interview people from college. I’ve done a few interviews lately…

Dux: Like focus groups or just…

Christophe: No, interview to employ, only for hire, new hire. And That I always ask individuals kids, I’m saying, “Kids, like, what have you use at the college to collaborate on whatever, the information technology, the British project?” It’s amazing because many of them didn’t use email. And you can argue even us in those days maybe we didn’t have email or it wasn’t readily available.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”548eW” via=”no” ]”Yes, It may switch off #Groups, but millennials are joining the workforce with various expectations.” @cfiessinger[/ctt]

Therefore the point is…back to the stage into it is, you actually can power it down, however that generation that’s gonna join your workforce are gonna have different expectation on several persistence. And when you aren’t giving the various tools, you’re…what you’re combating is it takes only Christophe two seconds to perform a WhatsApp, a Facebook Messenger, and…

Dux: Boy, that company published a large ad on New You are able to Occasions.

Christophe: Yeah, absolutely. So, you need to be careful because people’s persistence are only able to go to date in this point in time where I recieve a telephone with any application will be able to download, and potentially that may place the valuable IP in danger, and potentially the organization could possibly get in danger and lose its edge against your competitors.

Dux: Exactly. You realize, certainly one of the…

Christophe: So, it’s a tension. I wanna define that there’s compliance and regulatory, but additionally you cannot…you can’t say, “Mr. marketing team, you’re launching something new, you’re gonna spend $15 million, wait annually till we provide you with a share repository to place all of your PDF in your banner.” It’s not necessary time for you to wait annually to produce your products.

Dux: Or perhaps your Virtual private network in since you can just use this machine. Guess what happens, I have to get my task finished, I wanna swipe my charge card somewhere and take action. Now, that’s an excellent point.

What exactly could be your advice, continuing to move forward, especially to the IT colleagues available, how you can consider this, but more to the point position it within their organization? Because Groups continues to be relatively recent, it’s exciting, however this is one thing I believe that will alter the business. Just how will it function as the innovators and also the business-enablers to assist advocate a technology such as this?

Christophe: And So I think, to begin I’d say–again, to really make it very simple–if you purchased Office 365 not to just put mailbox within the cloud, personal storage within the cloud, or simply leverage Office Pro Plus. Should you got it to allow several people to collaborate whenever, whether it’s in your company or outdoors a directory, you will want to check out Groups. Because, like we stated earlier, SharePoint…integrate with Groups, Yammer. Soon you’ll have a Skype call together with your Groups, Teams integrate with Groups…

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Dux: OneNote.

Christophe: …OneNote, Planner, etc.

Therefore if your charter would be to help several people to collaborate, then you need to certainly consider Groups. So required is, okay, how do you start? We all do have really extensive documentation on, not just in the higher level or do you know the governments, administration, however in the individual workload levels, you realize, “What will the new Team Sites linked to Groups produce?” and so on, “What does Planner produce when it comes to task management that…”

Dux: As well as Teams, right? Because…

Christophe: As well as Teams. So, we’ve got lots of content available so we get lots of tracks from Ignite etc. And i believe even the last factor is, like, look at the content we’ve, and we’re not perfect, we have such things as FastTrack that will help you onboard, as well as if all individuals don’t answer the questions you have, then provide us with feedback, or ask your preferred partner to jump in with this particular journey because sometimes may possibly not be considered a technology question but much more of a big change management question.

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Dux: After which from the feedback perspective, clearly there’s UserVoice, which people…

Christophe: UserVoice, we got…

Dux: Tech Community?

Christophe: Tech Community. So lots of channels to obtain feedback, additionally to consuming the information that we’re constantly releasing.

Dux: Awesome. You realize, Christophe, it has been very, very useful, and I’m certainly gonna make the most of your eagerness, I suppose. We’re gonna do, hopefully, if you want this and everybody’s requested to understand more about Groups, we’ll schedule Christophe or somebody in the team for any web seminar so are going to more live Q&ampA. But apart from that, many thanks, Christophe, with this time. I really appreciate you. We’ll help you again for next episode. Thanks. Bye.

Christophe: Thanks, Dux.

Dux: Okay.