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AvePoint Online Services (AOS) is really a multi-tenant SaaS platform centered on helping customers manage their Office 365 and Dynamics 365 investments. AvePoint is dedicated to making certain the very best performance by locating our services near Office 365 and Dynamics 365 locations world-wide. Managed by AvePoint and it is partners globally, AOS is located in Microsoft Azure data centers situated in Australia, Japan, Singapore, US, US GovCloud, and today, multiple locations in Europe.

To help our dedication to our customers, we’re pleased to announce the outlet in our new AOS data center in The European Union (Netherlands). By putting our AOS data center where our clients are, it’ll further help their performance, provide availability, and assist disaster recovery scenarios. Our commitment doesn’t visit being proudly located near Office 365 and Dynamics 365 locations world-wide. We’re also dedicated to you, our customers, and think that supporting your company is essential as well.

With this particular launch, AvePoint will enhance European businesses’ connectivity to services at work 365, satisfy data movement concerns for organizations susceptible to regulation, in addition to improve backup performance by hosting all content inside the country. Because of AOS being located within the Azure data center, it’s certain to follow data residency, sovereignty, compliance and resiliency needs within its geographical limitations.

Whenever you log to the new trial start-in AOS, it now features an up-to-date drop-lower where one can pick your brand-new data center:

But, wait, there’s more! Using the approaching  opening of the Microsoft data center in Paris and Marseille, AvePoint can also be getting ready to step-up its support within the digital transformation of private and public organizations. Like a leader in cloud-based collaborative applications, we let the mixture of regulatory compliance most abundant in innovative technologies. We’re pleased to deliver our SaaS platform to customers in the area who’ve proven increasingly more of the need and employ for this.

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