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Using the innovation, drive, and technical understanding in our people, AvePoint leverages Microsoft technology to produce solutions for all sorts of organizations all over the world. A notable example is our use Microsoft and also the Worldwide Organization for Migration on, the very first-ever Azure-based crowd funding portal produced to assist human trafficking victims – that Microsoft awarded us the 2016 Partner of the season Award for Technology permanently Citizenship. These guys AvePoint Citizen Services, an application-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for situation management featured within the lately launched Dynamics 365 software suite and application store.

What’s AvePoint Citizen Services?

With Citizen Services, public sector agencies and citizen-support non-government organizations (NGOs) be capable of supply the greatest degree of plan to constituents with automated situation management. Particularly, Citizen Services supplies a centralized portal for organizations to handle and react to citizen demands. While governments are usually slower to consider technology, Citizen Services helps usher them into modern times – forget about paper pushing with no more and more people browsing lines to become heard.

We built this means to fix bridge the space between constituents and also the physiques that govern them. Citizens who connect to the portal can submit demands, see the status of open cases, and look for sources for resolving issues rapidly – on this page. The request will be routed towards the appropriate response team to become resolved. Automated situation management helps government organizations more proficiently process demands and serve constituent needs.

Digital Transformation of Situation Management

To supply governments and citizens with the advantages of automated situation management, Citizen Services leverages Microsoft Cloud technologies for example Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and Home windows 10. It integrates with almost any commercial or internally developed application to make sure consistency across agencies and systems.

We’re building out these SaaS applications having a platform approach where Cognitive Services are surface of mind. This requires an extensive knowledge of cognitive load business decision makers must consider when working across collaboration and business systems. We feel this can deliver tremendous chance for the partners too. We’re also growing the worth in the way we deliver SaaS applications – exposing a wealthy graph structure, multiple data services, and knowledge sources.

With this thought, we have a connectivity services architecture design approach, based on our Data Broker platform and integration with Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite. We integrated our solution with Microsoft business applications for example Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power BI to be able to connect industrial data with business processes and analytics.

It makes sense more efficient and effective purpose-built process applications that may be transformed by these cognitive applications services and can help accelerate our business customer’s digital transformation journey. As Satya Nadella stated in Monday’s WPC keynote address, “It’s not about celebrating any kind of our products, technologies, or services. It’s about celebrating what exactly are customers can do with technology the way they are transforming their business, achieving their very own success, and getting their very own impact.”

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Who advantages of Citizen Services?

Citizen Services provides many functionalities and benefits for everybody in the citizen to government administration. Response teams can manage citizen demands from one interface – nothing will get lost within the shuffle. Automated activity logging (e.g., incoming call records) provides accountability to agency management.

Citizens can submit demands from the device, anywhere, whenever. Big data collected from smart devices and also the Internet of products (IoT) fuels predictive analytics that identify challenges before citizens encounter them. Data from sensors and connected devices can instantly alert personnel for an approaching issue and allocate sources wherever needed. This really is digital delivery in the current era.

Management may also review key metrics and trends to set of request types, request locations, and average response occasions. This can help to evaluate performance and identify improvement areas.

The Current Solution for Today’s Citizen Demands

Start automating situation management today. Try AvePoint Citizen Services, available through Microsoft AppSource.