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Hey everybody! I’m excited to announce that AvePoint has added a brand new cloud file migration technology to the AvePoint Migration Platform (AMP).

Requirement For Speed

We’ve had the ability to migrate Dropbox, Box, G Drive, OneDrive along with other cloud files for a long time, however are going to it fast. We feel it’s the quickest cloud migration technology currently available, reaching speeds of 100 terabytes each day in tangible-world migration operations.

To place that speed into perspective, we’ve had the ability to move several file per user per second. That speed means you might have all of your organization’s files in Dropbox today as well as in Office 365 tomorrow.

Go All-Along with Office 365 &amp Consolidate and Kill Shadow IT

AvePoint thought this was a important capacity to provide after hearing our customers and having to pay close focus on industry trends.

For instance, one use situation there has been increasingly more frequently is really a cloud-to-cloud migration. This is actually the consequence of more companies today adopting and/or just being born within the cloud. If there’s a merger or acquisition–which is a continuing in the industry world–these organizations are frequently searching to consolidate their collaboration environments within Office 365.

We’re also discovering that more organizations using other cloud office platforms are more and more drawn to Office 365’s interconnected services, collaboration tools, and security settings. These organizations are usually within the tech space and skew more youthful, so when they would like to proceed to Office 365 they would like to move fast.

Regrettably, shadow It’s existed just like lengthy as enterprise IT. Shadow It’s technology getting used for business purposes that haven’t been approved, approved or positively managed through the IT department. This is often a major security and compliance risk for that enterprises.

Your business probably has some type of shadow IT, and it is frequently by means of among the cloud office platforms above. If you wish to shut lower shadow IT and consolidate the files into Office 365, this could get it done for you personally rapidly.

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When you should Go Fast versus. When to get it done Right

AvePoint has typically held that lift and shift migrations could be ineffective.

Our guidance hasn’t altered. A dependable discovery process is crucial in the prosperity of a migration project and future collaboration ecosystem.

That being stated, there exists a large amount of customers who’re facing outdoors forces which are driving a good migration schedule. We’ve always maintained there are indeed some scenarios where lift and shift is sensible.

If the organization has made the decision this approach suits them, AvePoint is the greatest in internet marketing. If your compliant or discovery migration is sensible on their behalf, AvePoint is the greatest at this too.

Here’s more guidance from my friend Mary Leigh Mackie regarding how to pick which migration strategy may be suitable for you:

Expert Guide: Which Cloud Migration Strategy suits Your Business?

Additional AMP Investments

AvePoint has additionally ongoing its purchase of other aspects of AMP for purchasers that should change from legacy technologies, migrate modern collaboration spaces like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, or need a sophisticated discovery process.

Additional features include:

  • Support for SharePoint 2019
  • Consumer experience enhancements
  • Sophisticated Power BI dashboards to watch throttling and gratifaction
  • The opportunity to configure a migration database for use of detailed project insights
  • Capabilities to pause, restart, or rerun only unsuccessful objects, and much more.


AvePoint migration solutions have examined, classified and validated greater than 9 zettabytes of information and moved greater than 12 petabytes of information. The AvePoint Migration Platform supports greater than 15 sources including:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • On-premises file shares
  • SharePoint
  • Slack
  • Teams/Groups
  • Other Office 365 instances
  • eRooms
  • Documentum
  • LiveLink
  • Lotus Notes
  • QuickPlace/Quickr
  • HP Trim
  • IBM File Connection
  • And much more!

View It for action

If you wish to see exactly what the industry’s fastest cloud migration solution appears like, visit our cloud migration page and ask for a demo reely trial today.

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