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Smart City

Hi Ya’ll! Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax where today we’re reporting live from Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 in Barcelona!

We’d the chance to meet up with Joneil Sampana, Microsoft Group Program Manager for Worldwide Public Sector, to speak about all the exciting technologies being displayed at the Smart City Expo. The main focus is really on helping governments become more efficient in planning and executing initiatives through technology, and Microsoft is making use of its vast partner network to create together the best solutions so social leaders could possibly get the most from their existing Microsoft investments.

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Watch my interview with Joneil at Smart City World Expo in Barcelona below!

Dux: Hey, everyone. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quacks within Barcelona, with Smart City Expo World Congress. Beside me is Joneil. Joneil, why do you not introduce yourself? Tell everyone that which you do.

Joneil: Hello Dux. Yes, so i’m Joneil Sampana. Sometimes for Microsoft Services. I run the world Public Sector Program Office for Dynamics. Which covers health, metropolitan areas, education, public safety as well as security.

Dux: Awesome. I am talking about Dynamics has become lots of great buzz previously couple of days, right?

Joneil: Yes.

Dux: Using the launch of Dynamics 365 and Application Source. How lengthy are you currently carrying this out? And just what would you consider this latest visibility of Dynamics?

Joneil: Well to reply to the first question, I’ve been with Microsoft during the last 2 . 5 years. Before which i was really a Salesforce shop. And So I possess some understanding both in ends. However your second question concerning the visibility?

Dux: Yeah.

Joneil: Concerning the launch itself?

Dux: Yeah. I am talking about what’s the sensation. What’s the sentiment?

Joneil: Excitement. There’s lots of excitement concerning the 365. The bond between ERP and CRM, creates this finish-to-finish possibility that’s never been done before. So we’re very looking forward to that.

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Dux: Awesome. And talking about excitement, there’s lots of buzz within Barcelona, right?

Joneil: Amen to that particular. Yes.

Dux: You can as well tell everyone why we’re here?

Joneil: Well guess what happens? There’s a lot of partners to showcase their solutions, however i think much more compared to solutions. We’re helping social leaders and government officials understand and adopt a comprehensive vision for his or her metropolitan areas.

Joneil: So going for a take a step back and using the main issue, after which looking for reliable partners to assist implement a number of individuals abilities. I am talking about within the this past year alone, you’ve seen a significant development in Smart City initiatives.

Dux: Yes we’ve.

Joneil: And merely travelling here you are feeling many of the, you realize excitement. You are feeling many of the interest around leveraging modern technologies. So really better government.

Dux: Actually.

Joneil: I have seen Internet of products (IoT) stuff. I have seen machine learning. With brand new Microsoft investments around AI and bots, It constitutes a great situation. Particularly in customers who curently have Microsoft investments.

Dux: That’s true. That’s true. Yeah, I believe with all of these new abilities using the technology, there is a new feeling of hope. And excitement how technology can release human potential, and extremely attempt to solve the world’s largest social issues: And thus with data with sensors with IOT, the abilities and also the potential is unlimited really.

Joneil: Yeah. After which I had been very happy to see lots of customers because well, who’re Microsoft customer. Just raising their hands and showcasing us to how they’re in a position to leverage their Microsoft investment, you realize within the spirit to do new with less.

Dux: Yes.

Joneil: So that you can better serve citizens.

Dux: I am talking about speaking around that, have you got any tales or customers you wanna discuss or share? Just little snippets from the value they’re getting away from their Microsoft investments.

Joneil: You realize I’ll chose one. Now this can be a city. The town of Brampton, in Canada. Plus they received lots of interest regarding new citizen services. Simply because they received lots of immigrants lately during the last couple of years.

Dux: Sure.

Joneil: And thus with this particular multi-cultural demographic, they desired to provide citizen services inside a more inclusive way. So that they really arrived at to Microsoft Services, a lot of our partners, to apply an answer that understands their assistance needs. As well as in a incremental, agile approach. And have this 2 year guide to provide individuals services.

Dux: Phenomenal.

Joneil: Yeah.

Dux: Phenomenal. Well Joneil, many thanks for the time. Before I allow you to go…

Joneil: Sure.

Dux: …let me inquire this. Should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Joneil: If it is not Dynamics?

Dux: No, no. Not Dynamics.

Joneil: Not Dynamics.

Dux: Can’t include Dynamics, yeah.

Joneil: Well I’d are saying it needs to be HoloLens. And That I say…

Dux: HoloLens?

Joneil: HoloLens.

Dux: We have seen many people travelling here, right?

Joneil: However I express it only since with HoloLens, there’s a different way that people can really provide more culturally and more potent encounters for citizens. Therefore the potential again is unlimited in the room.

Dux: Awesome. Well pleasure to satisfy you, Joneil.

Joneil: Without a doubt.

Dux: Many thanks. And people before the next episode, we’ll help you. Bye.

Joneil: Bye.


Come talk to us and AvePoint, a Microsoft partner helping governments use IoT to dramatically improve plan to citizens via their Citizen Services solution, in the Smart Metropolitan areas Expo. Microsoft and AvePoint is going to be attending the expo in Barcelona, The country from November 15th – 17th.


Built on Microsoft Cloud technology, AvePoint Citizen Services modernizes incident and situation management to higher serve the ingredients you support.

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