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The Task

To have an worldwide travel agent headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, relocating to the cloud meant the opportunity to reduce latency, promote more collaboration, and scale with growth.

Initially adopting Office 365 for Outlook On the internet and Skype for Business, Smart Travel rapidly started to consider SharePoint On the internet and Microsoft Teams. When Smart made the decision to unveil Microsoft Teams across their organization, the rapid rate of adoption would be a surprise.

“We never forced anybody within the organization to consider or use Teams, we simply switched it on and silently migrated over from Skype. One worker would speak with another who had been using Teams – and before we understood it, nearly all our employees were already onto it,” described Gavan Meyer, SharePoint Architect, Smart Travel.

Three specific challenges came about as rapidly because the adoption rate.


“Sprawl, insufficient consistency, and security issues,” stated Meyer. “Anyone can produce a SharePoint site along with a Teams site. Being in several countries, each office functions differently in their own individual way.”

Workspace duplication and continuing permissions management were particularly tricky issues to navigate.

“Usually it had been just simple naming inconsistencies that cause multiple Teams named almost the identical,” stated Meyer. “On surface of that, when individuals didn’t understand internal security, they’d either give everyone access or nobody.”

Smart did their research by researching other available solutions on the market before purchasing AvePoint.

“We dug with the market and did our research. We wound up staying with AvePoint since your solution made sense and labored,” described Meyer. “It would be a good experience and didn’t make my mind hurt. We do not have here we are at an elaborate solution.”

avepoint cloud governance

Using Cloud Governance for that provisioning of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint Online, Smart is fostering sustainable collaboration and adoption.

“We’re [managing] sprawl by requiring fields throughout the provisioning [process] like business, department, and placement. We get notifications that sites haven’t been used shortly,” stated Meyer.

Cloud Governance enhanced the Smart IT team’s control of naming and possession, which enhanced consistency across their atmosphere.

“With Cloud Governance, we’ve consistency due to the questionnaire that individuals need to complete before requesting a website or Team. This permitted us to provide our users guidance and direction,” stated Meyer.

When thinking about the safety of the Office 365 atmosphere, Smart thought it was vital they maintain control and accurate possession.

“It sets the proprietors and managers automatically, giving us just one account to handle everything, as well as giving us notifications once the sites exhaust space,” described Meyer.

AvePoint’s Cloud Governance has proven a real value to Intrepid’s IT team, reducing their burden.

“It’s certainly a period-saver. Recently we produced 58 new sites in SharePoint. Typically, that would’ve taken about 40 hrs from it hassle. This doesn’t even include training the service desk,” stated Meyer. “So overall, Cloud Governance is saving us about 3 several weeks of labor every year. On the top of this, we’ve got control of our atmosphere.”

Overall, Smart is extremely pleased with the performance of Cloud Governance.

“In over 2 yrs, I haven’t logged greater than two calls together with your Tech Support Team. The tool was clear to see, it labored well, and it is easy. It’s literally that easy,” stated Meyer.

Intrepid Travel


Customer Profile

Founded by two bearded backpackers, a typewriter, along with a dining table, Smart Travel eventually increased in to the world’s largest small-group adventure tour company. Using more than 2,300 staff and leaders based all over the world and also over 1,000 different journeys across every continent, they aim to provide responsible travel and incredibly big adventures.

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