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At AvePoint, we’re dedicated to giving back. This season, we’re by taking your dedication to another level using the launch of AvePoint Philanthropy – which serves to affect humanity and drive change through technology, community, and education. From your use Microsoft and also the Worldwide Organization for Migration (IoM) to combat human trafficking through to the Global Outreach initiative of community volunteering across our 29 offices, our giving back takes great shape. Today, we’re proud to talk about a brand new accessory for AvePoint Philanthropy once we launch our first-ever software donation program because of not-for-profit organizations.

Beginning today, we’re donating software to qualified, The United States-based not-for-profit organizations to assist them to with Microsoft ‘office’ 365 migration and management. With this initiative, we’ve partnered with TechSoup, an international not-for-profit organization that strives to enhance endures both a nearby and global level by providing transformative technology solutions. With this particular program, we try to help not-for-profits cut back time moving to and managing Office 365 to allow them to focus more about what matters most: their mission and making the planet a much better place.

Qualified organizations are now able to get the following donations through TechSoup:

Office 365 and SharePoint Migration: Not-for-earnings are qualified to get software for Office 365 and SharePoint migration by means of AvePoint’s DocAve Migrator. Docave Migrator supports all migration stages by supplying assessment, planning, and reporting abilities to easier move content from legacy systems to Office 365, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business or even the latest SharePoint version with minimal business disruption. Individuals organizations that qualify will get as much as 250 gigabytes of free data migration software with a lot more migration offered at a reduced rate.

Office 365 Management: Qualified not-for-profits will also be presented with AvePoint Online Services for Office 365 Management, making for easier management, movement, and upkeep of mission-critical content. AvePoint Online Services is really a reliable, Azure-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution supporting 5 million cloud users globally. AvePoint Online Services provides not-for-profits with better control of Office 365 security, settings, configurations, and content additionally to enhanced features for content migration, synchronization across tenants, and reporting.

Thinking about getting a donation? Visit our page on TechSoup right now to get began!

Across the organization, we’re dedicated to AvePoint Philanthropy’s pursuit to offer the local neighborhoods where we operate. Additionally to donating our software, we’re ongoing to grow our Global Outreach program. May it be by means of book drives for local children’s hospitals or lending a hands to local Salvation Army after-school programs, neighborhood soup kitchens, or any other humanitarian aid organizations, our goal would be to leave a worldwide footprint with regards to charitable organization and volunteer work. To understand more about where we’re lending a hands, visit our Global Outreach page.

Another key element from the AvePoint Philanthropy initiative is education. We’re enthusiastic about educating people all over the world on the advantages of technology and also the possibilities it offers. Just lately, our Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technical Officer for AvePoint Public Sector Dux Raymond Sy, traveled to Future Village Boarding School in Kampala, Uganda this past year to educate an opening web design course to 50 underprivileged students with the aid of not-for-profit partner WorldHelp. In Uganda, a minimum of 60 % of individuals younger than 30 are unemployed but possess relevant skillsets.  During Uganda, Dux and the team helped to construct out labs and exercises for him or her in the school, provided laptops along with other equipment for that class, and elevated money with the aid of buddies and also the community. Read much more about Dux’s story around the Home windows Insider Blog.

Once we keep growing our AvePoint Philanthropy initiative, there’s much more in the future when it comes to software donation, technology education, and community outreach. We feel that technology is among the best goods that exists and all sorts of deserve the chance to benefit from it. We continuously provide technology and technical understanding towards the underprivileged and underfunded to assist drive positive change. To understand more about the initiative and look out for what’s in the future, check out our website.